Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


Let me tell you about the time he grounded me from playing Nintendo. Like a smart ass I went and started playing my genesis and when he heard the noise he came storming downstairs. I explained to him it wasn’t a Nintendo, it was a SEGA.

It didn’t end well for me


Oh shit I would have said the same smartass thing to my mom lol. I can imagine how it ended.


40-44 by a whisker


Did I win?


Im in the 30-34 group!


38 here. Closing in on 4-0…


Most likely yes.


Same, January.

edit: crap, y’all. almost to 38…sigh.


You and me both. On the same day even, if I recall!


It’s on the 9th next month for me!


Yup, same here! :facepunch:


That’s awesome, lol.


I’m at the tail end, barely, of the 30 - 34 bracket.


20-24 here


Congrats you earned a tag. You’re responsible for telling the rest of us when we act like uncool old farts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bet his first console was a ps2!


I’m 23


35 but constantly mistaken for being in my early twenties! Luckily that’s generally based on my looks and not how I act!


In my late twenties I got carded…for an R movie…



I went to buy some cigarettes for my sister a couple of years back and the lady behind the counter asked my age to which I replied “33”. To which her response was “I don’t fucking think so!”. She didn’t even think I was 18…

I wouldn’t have minded but I didn’t have any id at the time and there were a couple of cute a hell girls in the line behind me!