RGB High Score Battle! - Battle #44: Bomb Jack


Site is updated! Here’s our current battle details:

Game: Bomb Jack
Platform(s): Arcade
Challenge Type: High Score
Game Details: Full Game
When: Jan 15th - Feb 14th, 2021
Chosen By: retroman

I’ve updated the website with the new game, man the periscopes!

Good luck everyone, please submit your scores via screenshot or video by replying directly to this post!


  1. Competitions last two weeks, close on Sunday night @ midnight.
  2. Post screenshots in this thread as proof.
  3. The winner from the previous week chooses the next game to play.
  4. You cannot choose twice in a row. 2nd place will choose if someone wins two weeks in a row.
  5. If there’s a tie, the person that submitted the high score first gets to choose.
  6. Games must be high score compatible (think “arcade style scores” like Pac-Man, or Spy Hunter, not Super Mario).
  7. Emulation is okay (MAME is often the best for high scores).
  8. No save state manipulation (pausing to take a break is fine though).
  9. Submit scores as soon as you get them! To keep the competition rolling and fair, do not hold on until the last moment to submit.

Points will be awarded for the entrants, based on the position finished for the week. This is to encourage wider participation, and the points will be posted each week as well as on the website.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 2 points
Any honest attempt: 1 point

Overall, we should keep it simple. This is just a good time, not a crazy official high score competition! Game plays should ideally be short and fun so people that can’t invest hours into this can still compete. Obviously we are working on a trust based system here, so don’t ruin it for the others!

Here’s a simple website I made to keep track of the competition.

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Good luck everyone and remember to collect the flashing bombs first. It’s a bit tricky to complete levels that way, but you’ll receive a lot more points!

My first attempt for this battle:

It’s the 9th place score.

I’m a bit rusty. Gotta practice!

Yeah, cool. Now I have an excuse to use my dedicated Tate system. Going to join this one from the weekend.


Nice! Good luck and have fun!

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Well, spent over 2 hours on a bomb jack today. This is the best I could do on default settings.


Try to get as many lit bombs as possible. If you collect at least twenty per level, you will get lots of bonus points.

Also, nice TATE setup!

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Yep, tried that but I’m just not very good at the game. I managed to get 22 lit bombs but only on the first screen.

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Thanks. I have a proper Japanese arcade stick connected to it as well.

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Nice, what stick are you using? That’s is how I’ll be playing it too.

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That looks sweet!

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Cool, I see you are using a 16:9 monitor. That’s what I was using a first but was lucky to find the HP 4:3 equivalent of full HD monitor. It looks pin sharp with the vertical scanlines.
Love your stick too. Very cool.
My stick is a home made project. For the base I’m using a TR Fight stick. Really solid metal base with a heafty weight to it.

It has 8 face buttons, 3 side and 3 back. The back buttons are slightly smaller than the others.

Inside I’m using a Brook arcade USB board and full on Sanwa buttons and stick.

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Beautiful! Nice stick.

Yeah it’s my main monitor on my PC, I use it in vertical orientation for TATE, then just swivel it back for normal use.

My stick is a custom setup too. Sanwa parts. Controller is a custom mix of stuff so it’ll work on PC as well as any retro system.


Man that stick is so nice looking

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You guys are making me jealous :grin:

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Yeah, having flexibility on a stick is great. There a toggle switch on mine which allows it to work on PS3 and PS4 although I’ve never tried that option. I really should do as I’ve a few good 2D games on the PS4.

Cheers man. It wasn’t so hard to build either.

Now that’s more like it!

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Less than a week to go! Anybody else want to give it a shot?