RGB High Score Battle! - Week 5: Sega Rally Championship


Nice work, all the way up to 2nd place! Is it possible to get first in the first rally?


whew boy I hit some walls I didn’t think I’d make it!


Damn!! This is going to be FZero all over again… love it!



Lol exactly


Keep playing you two, we need your times!


The ranking time pictured is separate from your position in the rally itself which is quite easy to win. I’m really looking forward to giving it another go tomorrow evening, there is still a ton of time to be gained…


I made need some pointers. You all are killing me by a long shot. xD


One of my favorite games of all time. Wish we had longer than a week on these.


Here’s my first attempt!


The good thing about having a thread per game, is that you can still revisit old challenges without disrupting the current one! Fell free to bump this one in a month if you want to share your own best time then :slight_smile:


Yup! I’ll keep the site updated with any scores you guys want to submit for past weeks, but the winner won’t change.

Edit: page updated.


I was able to shave off 2 tenths of a second from my best time. Any of you speed demons able to capture video showing how you’re getting into the mid 20’s? I get don’t hit the walls, but some of the bigger turns are tough. Mainly the last one in the dessert. I have a great run, but always seem to bleed time on that turn.


Desert you can speed through without ever relieving the gas button. It’s all about finding the right approach to the turns. Try not to drift too much. It’s tempting, but as long as you drift you’re not accelerating. Some chicanes you can drive straight through, instead of following the curves.


Do you recall what you best lap time was for Desert?56 even was my best. Just getting a feel for how fast one can go through.


I remember doing 55"55 this week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 54"xx as an ideal lap. Though I think I did 56 for my submitted time: most of my time lost was on the two subsequent tracks, which can be brutal if you miss a turn.


It’s also why I choose Championship as the format: with Desert in time attack fastest lap, we would have competed to shave milliseconds off each other, which is a different kind of fun; whereas racing three consecutive tracks gives plenty of opportunities to mess up and still do a somewhat good run.

I’d be interested in doing Desert time attack in a future challenge. Would be interesting to see all your times!



Nice, got that #1 spot


Damn nice, don’t think I can compete with that.