RGB High Score battle, week X: Flight of Pigarus (new SMS homebrew)

@Piggychan on the Discord informed us of a new homebrew game for the SEGA Master System that came out about a week ago. It focuses entirely on scoring, which makes it doubly interesting for us because 1) It’s competition, and 2) being new, people from other forums are equally interested in competing right now!

The game:

The discussion over at smspower, with talks about the game, but no score have been posted yet;
elotrolado.net, a Spanish forum on which people have started posting scores.

As usual I encourage you to post your scores even if you don’t think it’s good! We’re here to celebrate playing the game, not crown a winner or mock the rest, as neither will be remembered the day after.


Really cool choice for a game, I’ll be sure to give this a try.

Once the challenge is over, should I add this to the site with the rest of the game we played?

I’m keen.

Looks really cool, and perfect for some light hearted competition, and banter.

My first try:

I found out the game gives 1000 points per spare second, which allows for some good scoring.


Always says no new high score for some reason. Fun game, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

5 minute game score


Got to second boss!

Sorry for the crap photo; projector on the wall