RGB High Score Battle! - Week 6 Game Suggestions

Good morning RGBers.

tomwhite has suggested that for this week we take some suggestions I what you guys would like to play for the competition.

Some time this evening, I will take the suggestions and hold a vote, so we can start the competition tomorrow.

What would you like to play?

How about Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ on the default first map with default settings? Steam, PS3, Xbox 360… I think it’s better than CE2.

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I’ll put up a suggestion too: Mappy


Katamari Damacy
Make A Star #1 // Largest diameter star

Wii Sports Baselball Homerun challenge? Longest total distance with 10 pitches. Or is this retro only? :thinking:

I’m definitely down for Pac-Man CE. I’d also love to give Katamari a go. Pac-Man Arrangement would also be swell.

I have a couple of NES suggestions. Both have arcade versions but both differ from the source material: Donkey Kong 3 and Gyruss.

I am ok with anything you choose as it will make for a way to motivate me to play something new. :slight_smile: Pac Man CE sounds good though.

This is on free on Gamepass right now and it’s a kick ass game.

Another idea for the future: Neo Turf Masters. Lots of ways to play this one now.

Pacman sounds great. I’ll throw dig dug into the hat as well

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ha ha I was almost going to suggest Tiger Woods 04 (GC/Wii, XB, PS2)

Pac-Man CE DX is a great suggestion. Or even just CE.

And I already have it in my steam library. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of figured a bunch might own it. It’s been bundled, sold for a song, etc. It’s only $9.99 right now even if you’re needing it to join the challenge. It also is perfect for score chasing in a setting like this because it’s played in five minute chunks (that’s the default timer IIRC?).

Since everyone is chiming in on their thoughts about Pac-Man, I’m just going to forego the vote and make an executive decision here, so I can update the site right now while I have time at work.

Pac-Man thread to follow.

I support the game, but should be a different star imo. There is only so much you can do on the early ones. Same with the last one amusingly enough…

I know the choice has already been made, but will always take any opportunity to talk about Katamari

Oh yeaaa. That would be dope.


Another suggestion: Fastest time in the Koopa Trooper race in the first level of Super Mario 64 (second star in that level).

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I’d just like to say that I like this format of community suggests, winner chooses. It’s easy to pick a game you like (and are good at) but choosing from a list of games others have already chimed in on seems more fun and fair, while still giving spoils to the victor. And of course someone is always free to choose a game that no one has mentioned if they really want.

Make this thread an HSB general suggestions, people who don’t know what to choose can look at it

That’s kind of what I suggested, people chip in with a game and how it is to be played and then others like the post to confirm that you have the game or are willing to find a way to play it if chosen. Perhaps limit the thread to no posts other than suggestions to keep it tidy and stop ideas from getting lost.

My problem this week was that I didn’t want to choose another racing game or shmup, genres that have already been played so recently. Secondly after only a couple of us played Nights into Dreams I don’t want to have to worry about if someone has the hardware or not etc etc, would much rather be able to pick a game that you know others will be able to take part in and get playing!

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