RGB November 2019 Japan meetup!

On our discord a few of us have been considering the possibility of arranging a Retro Game Boards meet up in Japan and it would also appear a lot of you love the idea of visiting Japan for the first time but keep finding excuses to keep putting off going. So let me try to give you a reason!

Myself and @Laevateinn will be in Japan over thanksgiving week this November and would like to invite RGB Members to tag along as well for our first meetup in Japan!

Members confirmed to be attending:

  1. @Laevateinn
  2. @New002 +1
  3. @jbueno

Members interested in attending:

  1. @Yakumo
  2. @balb
  3. @harborline_765
  4. @Suteneko

A private discord will be setup to discuss the finer details nearer the time.


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As of right now my wife and I plan on being there during that timeframe.

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I will attend if it’s in the kitakyushu / Fukuoka area. I live at the very bottom of Honshu in a city called Shimonoseki. I doubt anyone will come here though but Fukuoka City is a good place to stay.

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I think for most people meeting up in Tokyo would be the easiest as the airport terminals there tend to be in general cheaper to fly to. I much prefer the Osaka (Kansai) region myself. This is obviously something we should discuss.

That said rail transport in Japan is great and RGB members visiting several different locations together is rather quite possible. While I have never bought a JR Rail Pass before as I find it cheaper and more convenient to use slower and more local trains without the 7 consecutive day limitations, a JR rail pass could possibly enable this to be viable in a short period of time.

Enabling any members whom this trip would be their first to Japan to experience more would be great as there is much more to see than just Akihabara for retro gamers.

Multiple meetup timings in different cities within Japan could work for sure.

Sorry for the super late reply. I live in the discord. I’m down for Fukuoka. I love it there.

I’m actually in Hakata today. Been here since last Friday. Going home today though. Which part of Fukuoka are you in?

Oh, sorry. I’m not in Japan currently. I’ll just be visiting in November. I like Fukuoka a lot so I’ll definitely spend some time there when I’m there.

Definitely interested in meeting up. Was planning on visiting November or Early December, will post confirmation later


I should be about Japan this winter, so I’m totally up for this. I’m up for Fukuoka for a good meeting location - never visited myself. Akiba is definitely worth a mis given how it is more tourism-focused than ever these days.


Not everyone can make it to Fukuoka. I plan on meeting some people in Tokyo as well. It doesn’t have to be Akiba or gaming related though. It could just be dinner or something.

Didn’t expect to get this many positive replies so soon!

Hopefully there will be a fair amount of us confirmed nearer the time.

I am quite happy to totally avoid Tokyo, however that said I have a Japanese friend that lives in Kanagawa (very close to Tokyo) that I haven’t visited the last few times I have been to Japan so I should really make an exception this time.

I will also most likely base myself in Osaka again as I have good friends in and around the Kansai area.

Definitely agree with @Laevateinn that meeting up for a meal is also a good option as can familiarize with each other as likely going to be the first time we’ve met for many of us and those that want can afterwards go off wherever. I personally wouldn’t mind visiting Beep and Surugu-ya again in Akiba and most places are open very late.

Fukuoka is also on the list of places I wish to visit in Japan so I’m also up for heading there and meeting up with Yakumo who can probably direct us to some nice places.

Fukuoka could work for me as my trip is partly business related and was going there anyway. I’m supposed to be meeting some Academics at Kyushu University, but don’t think those guys would be into retro RGB stuff :smile:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to phrase it as if it were the only option I would do. I just mean, if we had the luxury of choice and had a lot of time to plan, then I’d prefer it.

I don’t mind doing other places, I’m just not massively keen on Akiba but I wouldn’t be against it if we decided on it!

I. Don’t actually know Fukuoka that well. I just go there on work sometimes. I live in Shimonoseki which is about 90 minutes away by train.

I now can confirm I’ll be in Japan from November 14th-26th, I’ll be around Fukuoka for work and Sumo Tournamnet for the first week, then back to Kansai and Tokyo. I’m down if you guys want to meet around that time.

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I’ve booked all of my hotels so I plan on being in the following places:

Tokyo: 16-19
Osaka: 19-24
Fukuoka: 24-27
Tokyo: 27-30

I’m tempted to hit up Kita-Kyushu during that Fukuoka period but I haven’t decided what side-trips I’ll be taking yet.

Updated the first post!

Though unfortunately due to my living circumstances having recently become unstable, I can no longer confirm if I can go or not right now.

If I can sort everything out in time and my savings don’t get hit too hard I will still try my best to attend.

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@jbueno are you on the discord?

I forgot about this. I’ll be based in Fukuoka from the 16th for just over a week.

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Shame. Are you based in Japan or doing anything else besides Fukuoka?