RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Picked up some Master System goodness today. All of them are CIB with manuals.

All in all it was about 2/3rds going market pricing, wish I’m okay with. The controller and phaser were $5 each, so that’s good.


What games do you want to use your Light Phaser with?



I had that as a kid, I remember losing it, which wasn’t like me (OCD organisation!) I spent all summer looking for it, racking my brains, turning my room inside out! when I returned to school in September my friend gave it back to me and said “thanks for lending it to me” :exploding_head:


I’ve already got two phasers, both of which aren’t working… they are misaligned and in repair state, and I’m sure I can get the one working again… the other one maybe not. I just picked up this one as a working unit for cheap because why not!

I really like Shooting Gallery and Safari Hunt on the system, but those are the only ones I have spent time with (I had them as a kid).

I haven’t really played much of the other games, but I’ve heard good things about Gangster Town, Rescue Mission & Marksman/Trap Shooting. I really like the gun games in general, so I’m sure I’ll have fun with any of them.


Recent SNES stuff from last month


That reminds me I need to order those sleeves. :slight_smile:


Kirby’s ghost trap is the Japanese name?!

Wait… are Puyos ghosts?

Oh wait it’s just PAL (phew!)


The game has 3 forms. The original being Puyo Puyo. The EU version called Kirby’s Ghost Trap and the US version being Kirby’s Avalanche. Of course the original Puyo Puyo is the best :):smiley:


This many! Sure was fun carrying that into Tokyo St and boarding the Narita Express.


That’s the problem these day. Cases are too small. When I used to make the trips to Japan I’d take a massive Samsonite case with just a few changes of clothes leaving space enough to fit in 2 AES boxed systems and a few smaller items or a crap load of games. I remember one year I came back with a Wondermega, White Saturn about 10 Mega drive games and around 20 Saturn games as well as other stuff. It was a pain to move around even with it’s wheels due to the size and weight. I can only imagine how much of a pain it must have been to move those 3 cases on your own. Mind you, this was 23 years ago when the weight limit on cases was way more than it is now.


Atelier marie for the Saturn arrived, and it came with little plastic cards of some of the characters. Very cool.


I guess this can go here too, brand new PC CRT…


Got a copy of Metroid at a local pawn shop with instruction manual both in great shape for only $16. Back of the manual has passwords written down by the original owner, always fun to find stuff like that. Also got a new Retrobit s-video cable for my Dreamcast above for only $6.


I still need to grab Metroid on NES. Nice looking manual on this one.


Having the manual makes a big difference, I’ve lost count of the times that I have found some useful information, gameplay tips or some controls that I didn’t know existed by reading the manual, even on games I have played for many years.


They used to expect you to actually read those things! It’s true though that often I would be playing and have no clue some feature or function existed in a game (or that there was a map!) because I forgot to look in the damn book!

@AgentUnknown Great snag on that S-Video cable. Given your want to stay cheaper, that’s a hell of a buy. :slight_smile:

We’ve been talking about it. Here’s a pic of mine. Arrived yesterday…


Looks good, more comfortable than a standard MD/Genesis pad?


It’s a bit more substantial than the 6 Button controller and probably on par with the original 3 button in heft. It’s light, but doesn’t feel cheap at all. Most important though is the precision. It just seems to respond perfectly and @Kawika’s post in the other thread seems to bear that out with technical proof.


It will be a long wait for my 2.4g M30s to ship to Australia.


At least you know it’ll be worth it!