RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


We should have one. And we also have one “kusoge and poverty streams, don’t @ me”, that I’ll be part of.


Picked up the best buy version of it since i heard it was out. Its my first switch LRG game. Vive la brigade!


Pickups from a recent trip to Japan!


A Quantum Leap Forward in Video Entertainment!


Another hidden pick up within the pick up!


My dad is visiting and brought me my Sega Dreamcast! Yeah this pick up post is about 18 years late but I don’t care, I’m posting anyways.

Now I just need a good video option so these babies don’t look like garbage on my 1080p plasma, suggestions welcome (had the games all this time, just didn’t have the system back with me until now):

Also wanna say am I ever glad I kept my DC games all these years. Can’t believe how expensive some of these are now. Giga Wing 2 only cost me $19.99 at release in 2001, now its like $250 average complete. Cannon Spike and Mars Matrix (also $19.99 at release) are way up there too.


So many awesome buys.


Thanks! Can’t wait to go back to get some more, specially Neo stuff


Lots of great stuff! How many suitcases did it take?


Vita means something something.

I bought it and the games a couple weeks ago before the Japanese production stop announcement. I’ve only had time for a brief session of Gravity Rush, but looking forward to trying out the other games. CoD and LBP were cheap goodwill pickups so I decided why not, lol.

I also have an sd2vita (not pictured) and the Asian physical Soul Sacrifice Delta is on it’s way (slowly) from Malaysia.


Nice. I still have a fair share of vita gems. I even bought KOF97 last Friday.

Overclocking, 60fps and native resolution patches are a god send as well.


Was going to recommend Soul Sacrifice but see you already have it coming.



Those blue Vitas look so cool.


I haven’t looked into the hacking stuff too much yet. I’m on 3.68 so it looks like I have some options. I mostly want to backup my games to SD card, but I’m admittedly not up to speed on all I can do. I’m in no rush though so that helps.

@asmith906 It’s one of my most anticipated games so I’m impatiently waiting for it.

@ToddDeHavoc Thanks, I really like the look of it as well.

I mostly blame @Socksfelloff for the purchase, haha. Nah, I wanted to grab a Vita for a while. I saw new stock start to diminish and actually ordered one from Play-Asia, but they weren’t able to supply it so I went to ebay.


I almost did the same thing recently (and picking that sweet looking blue model) but in the end decided against it. I wasn’t sure how much I’d really use it outside of emulation. Plus the thought of starting a collection for yet another system filled my backlog with despair. :wink:


Stock’s been drying up on amazon japan as well. They still seem to directly sell the Minecraft Vita bundle (it would ship internationally w/ reasonable shipping costs) but I can’t imagine that’s going to last too much longer and it seems to be the only SKU left.

Options on ebay from Japan still seem to be OK as far as new units go.


I really need to go ahead and grab a 2000 model. It’s the only one I don’t have.


It looks like Play Asia was able to stock some:

Sorry veering off topic now


Since it’s EOL sounds like it’s time for someone to make a Vita OT


Can Vita ever really be “EOL”, though? :slight_smile:

Back on topic, I paid more than I wanted to for this, but it’s one of the few remaining physical PSX games on my list and I was tired of seeing it jump all over in price: