RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I did a late Christmas gift exchange with a friend a couple of weeks back and she gave me some display stands from Rose Colored Gaming. Here are the character Wii remote stands.

Not sure how much she paid for them, but they’re definitely cheaply made. I broke the Luigi one while putting it together. Probably not worth it at regular price, but at least they look nice.

I also grabbed a couple of Game Boy games for a good price.

Picked up a Super Game Boy 2 as well.


Some awesome game deals here of late!

A game lot with Skies of Arcadia for $11!?!?!

Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 for $5!?!?!?!?

Cool that people are still getting good deals out there. The recent 100%+ spike in retro game prices in the last year has really kinda bummed me out on retro gaming. Makes me wish I would have spent more on retro gaming 5+ years ago. :laughing:


Universal remote? Wii U Gamepad?


I need a official remote to enter in the service menu


I traded in a bunch of games so I net paid $11. It wasn’t straight up $11 for the lot. That would be crazy lol.


In the past I’ve used a Palm device and a PSP to send infrared service commands to DVD players and TVs.

If you’ve not yet ordered an original remote and you have a homebrew PSP 1000 hanging around it might be fun to use iR Shell.

Or OmniRemote I think it was on Palm.


Some recent pickups.

  • Legend of Legacy: I wanted to pick this up while it was still in stock. I really enjoyed Alliance Alive, which came after, and this game seems to be more open-ended and exploration focused. Looking forward to trying it out some time.

  • Etrian Odyssey IV: I foolishly sold my copy of this a few years ago. For my money this is the finest entry in the series (perhaps tied with III), due to its creative dungeon design. It also turned the seafaring minigame from III into its own thing - the world map itself became an exploratory dungeon.

  • Game Boy stuff: To play when I eventually get a GBP. Didn’t have either cartridge back in the day.


This is about 7 months worth of stuff:

Top two monitors were gifted to me.


I have one like this that is soul calibur 2 themed. It’s an ok stick but still enjoyable for the price it can be had. And it looks sweet


Yeah those stupid maid cafes rub me the wrong way. The girls look really miserable, and I only ever saw creepy old dudes talking to them, couldn`t really stand that atmosphere. Still Akiba is worth it to visit HEY!, shop around at Beep and the Surugaya next to it, Friends, maybe that one Trader with retro stuff in the second floor; actually found some cheap games in Super Potato for once, even though they´re the worst, although the Ikebukuro store ain´t that bad. I didn´t perceive any bad BO either, but I´ve only ever visited in cold months, I figure it gets awful in summer.

I really envy you guys that got to experience it back in the 90s, I remember reading about it in gaming magazines and TV shows, looked like gamer`s heaven; Neo stuff in particular I always found enthralling. Sadly I could only afford these trips until now.


I also forgot about Natsuge Museum which has a decent selection of old arcade games - like Sasuke Vs Commander.

I can see why the chains have expanded though - generally speaking, there is the issue of a lack of interpersonal relationships and long working hours. It does make me cringe how they have become a tourist attraction in itself though. There are something like over half a dozen Maidreamins in the district alone and the staff are multilingual, and Maidreamin quotes high tripadvisor scores. It’s somehow become an appealing activity to visit for many(?) casual visitors from overseas.

That said, I did visit a boutique/independently-run maid cafe once (the theme wasn’t maids but same idea) and while the food was pretty poor (you’re obviously paying for the company) the other customers weren’t old guys but office workers who looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s, and the waitresses didn’t look miserable. That could of course be an outlier, but they also didn’t have anyone handing out flyers whenever I went by, it was just advertised by a board outside on the ground.

It was still close to the low point of a great trip overall when there are much better options for a meal.

Anyway I digress, this is about how this stuff has come at the expense of game-focused stuff, which is definitely a negative. Just wanted to add my own observations though.


I understand your point of view, but I found the whole cafe situation very depressing, saying that as an outsider with limited experience in the matter.

Anyways, Dairus Cozmic Collection SE arrived! Plus some bonus pics form the Megarage event last month.


Bloody hell! I’m jealous - I never ended up getting a copy of the regular edition because I left it too late to order. Sold out! Are you going to post photos or is this one to keep sealed?

(Btw - Agreed that the whole situation on maid cafes is pretty depressing.)


Stopped by the local computer recycling center and picked up a couple dell optiplexes and crt for my groovyarcade builds. Got a new stainless steel control panel for my Astro cab as well today.


Can’t wait to see it


Wow, those Megarage Darius event pics are amazing, thanks for postIng.

Got my Darius Cozmic Collection special edition today. If the gashapon below could talk they would say “In M2 we trust.” (from my Shooting Game Historica set) Time to dig into this collection.

Also arriving today for a double KO of pure shmup awesome, Zero Gunner 2 for Dreamcast. I used to own it many years ago but foolishly sold it, I had an urge to play it again recently after getting back into playing my DC games:


I learned my lesson with the PS4 30th Edition, missed out on that originally until I lucked out and found it in an off-the-path BookOff, so I preordered this one as soon as it became available. I´m probably going to open this one this weekend, been a bit busy with work lately.


Yeah the Megarage thing was pretty cool, had to share with you guys. I don´t think I´ve ever seen all the arcade Darius games in one place, not even HEY has them all at the same time; actually I think the Darius 1 machine they had here is the one that´s normally at HEY.


A few things came yesterday in the mail! Golf story CE, Pixel Junk Monsters , 8bitdo genesis controller (2.4g), and a 4k/downscaler splitter for my 4k/1080p setup:


Lucked into a pretty affordable copy of this on ebay surprisingly, won back in early February. Only just showed up since the seller took almost 2 weeks to mail it.
This is definitely one of the most difficult versions of the game IMHO, but I love the audio on it.