RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Quite a few original Game Boy related pickups, and what is meant to be one of the best rally sims out there still! I was tempted to pick up the 60hz Japanese version on PS2 but decided to go with the PC version in the end:


DK94 :heart:


Richard Burns Rally! Sogood.gif I need to dig that out and install it again.

super late edit, have you tried any of the mods? I remember there being a tarmac mod (makes all rallies tarmac) and an updated (for the time) WRC mod. My PC at the time couldn’t run any of them. :frowning:


I have heard good things, and I’m not particularly fussed about playing Dirt Rally 2.0 at the moment so I thought I’d give this a go.

I haven’t installed it yet - I think I’ll give it a go sans-mods first just to see what the originally intended experience was like. Are there any you would recommend?


It’s been about 10 years since I played it regularly so I’ve forgotten the mods…and the ones then may not be the preferred ones now.

Quick search:
The RaceDepartment forum seems pretty active for how old the game it is.
The RSRBR mod seems well received as well. I haven’t tried it though.

I’d agree with going in no-mods first. The game makes you complete 10(?) tutorial stages before unlocking the actual rallies. FYI, the final stage is not easy. Although in this day and age I’m sure there are plenty of youtube guides on how to approach it.


Caught the last boat off Vita Island.

And an awesome Hori grip.


Where’d you purchase from?


I got it from Play Asia. It’s brand new. I didn’t want to buy 2nd hand.


Waiting for the inevitable “Everyone buys a Vita” thread. :slight_smile:


Nice! I “bought one” from them a couple weeks ago, aqua blue as well, but then they replied and said they were out of stock and may not be able to get more. I bought a NIB one from a JPN seller on ebay and then saw PA stocked some more.

I’m way late to the Vita and have only played ~2 hours of Gravity Rush so far but loving it. I’m on 3.68 so will downgrade soon to backup my physical games and use sd2vita.


That Hori accessory looks to be very useful.


It’s so damn comfortable too. I can’t wait to try PS1 games on this thing. I still have to hack it so I can play PSP games that aren’t on PSN anymore (or ever).

@fester this is my 3rd Vita if you count PSTV. This handheld was almost a contender. It will likely be the Saturn of Handhelds.


If I was in to handheld gaming I’d well pick up a Vita with that Hori grip. Sadly I’m not and I know the vita would never get used.


Always wanted the final revision of the Slim - hope it lasts you a long time!


I love hand held gaming. I think as time goes on, I enjoy playing older games on the big screen. I use my mister console for mostly GB, GBC, GG and PCE.
PCE counts as a hand held system. :wink:

I think the switch has the opportunity to be one of my all time favorites since I play it so often on the go. Not only that, all the arcade games too.

@harborline_765 I’m really glad I got it. The LCD isn’t nearly as bad as people said compared to the OLED.


Haven’t posted my pickups in a while but I just got these today. :slight_smile:


Secret best Contra games right there.

I got a shipment from Japan, an absolutely lovely PSP 3000! It needs a bit of a clean, and there’s a couple small scratches on the screen, but for the price I’m super happy with it. Time to revisit the PSP library and some PSX classics.


The slim is great, really underrated system. My unit is over five years old (I’ve got the light blue/white model) and it’s held up much better than my launch 1000 OLED had by the time I got it.

The display is great too, and I think mostly overlooked just because it’s not an OLED.

The OLED in the 1000 isn’t particularly good anyway - the calibration is terrible, leading to oversaturated colours in many games/ports which don’t correct for it and it suffers from burn-in issues and a low peak brightness. The only thing it really has going for it today is a higher refresh rate.

The LCD in the 2000 has great viewing angles, a higher peak brightness, and is calibrated to the sRGB standard. I like the oleophobic glass covering it - still basically spotless even though I didn’t use a case with it for four years.


The PSP has a great library of games. Enjoy!


Already digging in. I had a PSP 1000 since launch, so I played some of the big hitters back in the day as they released (Crisis Core, Daxter, Metal Gear Portable Ops & Peace Walker), but more and more I found myself reading about quirky little titles and gems that I missed out on.

As pictured, I’ve been playing Gokumakaimura Kai, which is the Japanese exclusive rerelease of Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins that reorganizes the game in a more arcade style, rather than the original release which had you combing each level for secrets. It’s a blast to play, enjoying it immensely!