RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Yeah, you never know with coloured vinyl: thankfully Data Discs are huge sticklers on quality and are particular about making sure their pressings are top notch. Likewise, they offer pure black for all of their releases for those who prefer it.

Now picture discs, those I stay away from big time, they almost always sound terrible.


Built another backlit GBA today! Got a genuine midnight blue console from japan via ebay for quite cheap and installed it using bennvenn’s voltage regulator. Definitely makes a difference - it’s the most vivid I’ve seen a backlit GBA, and it’ll definitely help the battery life - but my god is it hard to get decent photos using my phone of it. I’ll try in the daytime tomorrow.



  1. Is this with the Chinese repro screen?
  2. Is whats pictured all the soldering necessary?
  3. Have you tried Benn’s dimming switch?


There’s a dimming switch built into some of the ribbon cables you can buy, but it’s honestly not needed unless you’re really into saving battery life. It seems to go from “acceptable” to “too dim”, so keeping it on the acceptable setting is pretty much a must-do.

If you’re playing these things indoors, I think going without a voltage regulator is fine. The brightness difference you get with a voltage regulator is totally worth it if you plan on playing outdoors, however.


I was actually thinking the way it worked is that the higher brightness is only achieved through the adjustable switch (not the ribbon switch). I have no idea if Rich’s setup has the highest brightness possible. If it’s as bright or brighter than an actual ags101 I’d be fine. But if it’s less, I would like it brighter.

My only experience with the gba to ags 101 conversion is via that ribbon cable and a Chinese repro screen. It was underwhelming.


Looking at the types again, I think you’re right. Without the pre-soldered wire you’d get brightness setting “1”

With the pre-soldered wire, switch off, you’d also be at “1”.

With the pre-soldered wire, switch on, you’d be at brightness “2”.

With the voltage regulator, you’d be at “3”.


Grabbed a cheap, but very good condition Core Grafx console with the recent eBay coupon. It completes my PCE console collection. I have a Core Grafx 2 but I always lusted after the cool blue of the Core Grafx 1, and now I have it. It’ll look great with the Super SD System 3. And looks way better than my ugly ‘white’ PC Engine which desperately needs retrobrighting or some sort of attention because it is super yellow.


I think you mean 80s style :wink:


I’ve got that exact same controller but for the SFC. I use it daily too.


Didn’t I see that turn table on a YouTube video today playing the Afterburner record? :grinning:


Got manuals for two Game Boy games I was missing them for. :heart_eyes: Bad n Rad :slight_smile:

Plus a Pandora’s Box 3, which I originally got to test the supergun but it came after all the other crap so now it’s just a test item I guess.


Bad AND rad. The best of both worlds.


Never hear of Bad N Rad


Konami 80s Skate game. Very similar to Rollergames for NES, without the beat em up element, just the platforming. To defeat the guy that took your skate girl, ride a skateboard through various citscapes then eventually into a Castlevania like lair.

For some strange reason it licensed the EA Skate or Die brand. Konami published Skate or Die on NES so I guess they applied it from that.

Pretty nice early Game Boy game.

My fave level:


Wow, that actually looks really fun! Kid’s got some crazy vertical though…


One of my childhood favorites. :grinning:


Definitely wouldn’t have been mine. The Technics SL 1200 MK2 is an extremely popular deck, so it wouldn’t surprise me that someone else uses one if they’re filming reviews of Data Discs releases.

I think I did upload a video of me playing the Panzer Dragoon soundtrack on it quite some time ago though…


No retro stuff today, but some cool stuff nontheless.


Not retro related, but was offered an upgrade by virgin media (70mbps before). Installed today. £69 a month, phone and TV included:

goes without saying, but there’s no data caps or throttling.


Well, this is retro related. :slight_smile:

I must have had some awesome birthday luck today. I had the day off from work and decided to visit some thrift stores. Salvation Army delivered big time, all for $1.95/each: