RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I second that. it’s the best pinball game on retro consoles.



Great haul, and it’s always good to have a backup of Daytona USA. The used copy that came with the Saturn I bought a few years ago is scratched, and a couple of the music tracks skip (which basically destroys the game, IMO).


This is about the time I get a hankering to play Hang On GP again, too. I’m going to have to bust that out soon!


Yeah and the funniest thing was, I saw the listing on eBay and then when I won I noticed the name. Hilariously, it was my friend who owns two retro stores here in town (Lost Levels LLC & Super Video Game Bros). He texted me, dude you just won a Saturn lot from me. I said dude, why didn’t you call me and ask me if I wanted to buy it? We had a good laugh.

Anyway, I am excited to check out the pinball game. I actually read about it after buying the lot. Now that you seconded it, I am going to try it asap. I need to rewire my retro set-up and I’ve been lazy to do it right. All my cables are in a box at the moment.

^My post works better while listening to this.

I now have 3 copies of Daytona USA for Saturn. 1 Import that came with my White Saturn and these two.

I am really excited for the Limited Run Saturn/Sega CD cases to become a thing. Although, these little cases do the trick imo.


Be sure to take a little time to play Hang On GP… specifically, switch to the view on the bike. That’s the way it’s meant to be played and it is phenomenal. When that came out, I was blown away at how good it felt from that view. Unfortunately, most people think of Hang On as a third person view… but the Saturn game is best played behind the windscreen.


I used to own those pc engine gekkan mags before then I threw them all away around mid 90’s…


Yet another fun Saturn pick-up. I bought this primarily because it was CIB. I’m excited to put it through it’s paces.


Freakin love the style of these, so damn cool!


Got a nice metallic sticker to finish off the CMVS I built! Will definitely use one of these on my next build too.


Fantastic! I need to get one of those. Hot!


Finally splurged for a pro controller and Mario Odyessy. Haven’t really enjoyed many of the 3D Mario games, so I’m hoping this one is different.


Semi-ironic given Mario is specifically designed for joycons though :wink:


Yeah the spin move will be more of a pain, but I’ll survive. Hoping my Splatoon game improves now.


I’ve been eying this stick. Give impressions when you have a chance.


It’s pretty good so far. Smaller than I’m used to and I’m not a fan of the button placement. Other than that it’s well built and seems a tad light for me too so there is a lot of movement I don’t get with my TE sticks.


It’s bad.


How so? I can deal with bad buttons of the stick itself is good.


Retro fair pickups


Some classic Konami and a couple good NES RPGs. And I said if I ever saw an SNES Classic new at retail I would buy on impulse. There were five in stock at a local Walmart today, so, it’s mine!


How much did Hard Corps set you back if I may ask? I still don’t have that…