RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Well, there’s a compelling reason. Yikes.


That isn’t my picture but my old plasma was way worse than that as I used it exclusively for 4:3 content. You could even see the scan lines on a pure white screen where I had used the Framemeister. It was pretty much ruined for viewing 16:9 content after 18 months.

Imagine it will also be a problem with OLED as they turn the pixel off completely when it is black.


Well… looks like I’m getting this after all. Same old Nintendo magic.


Once done I have no idea what I’m going to do with a bunch of cardboard toys sitting around though, they don’t come apart very easily either, it would be quite an epic to get them back in the pack.


Just put them in your toy chest?


Your living room weeps.


After I thought about it more I figured something like that would happen where it would be darker on the sides. Good thing I don’t view a lot of 4:3 content on my HDTV, CRT’s continue winning.


I’m super obsessed with the rolling feature of my Plasma, which has a rolling pattern designed to help with image retention. I’ll pause a game and let it run for 5 minutes all the time.


Plasma and CRT’s are both phosphor based tech so will age in exactly the same way. Play a lot of 4:3 content on a widescreen CRT and you will get the same thing in time, it’s all just burn in causing parts of the screen to age at different rates.


I’m concerned with playing something like Xenoblade or Skyward Sword on my CRT. The forced letterbox aspect ratio worries me. I haven’t played any of those 480p widescreen only games since getting my 20L5, but I’m inclined to continue playing them on an LED to preserve the image quality.

20L5’s don’t grow on trees and it took me years to find one in good condition.


That’s the best part of 100 hours worth of content so I would stick to playing them on your HDTV, it just isn’t worth the risk with such a nice monitor like that.


Just a FYI for everyone thinking about this… If you have the OSSC you can actually make that black area grey to white.

I really like how some emulator suites do it where you can put side bar art in the black area.


I’m weak. I just ordered Earthbound Beginnings, because I saw @Aeana’s copy here. Seeing it was a limited, numbered release broke my will. And I bought Adventure Island 4 with it, just because. And to mitigate the stupid shipping price. Whatever rationalisation I can come up with.


I don’t know if the amount of hours to play Skyward Sword & Xenoblade would hurt your monitor. I certainly would rather play those games in widescreen anyway. I have an old 2001-2003 era sony XBR 32" tv that does a hell of a job with 480p content. I need to test the lag but I am not sure its there to the same degree as later lcds with more processing did. I could be wrong, I don’t really play those games much and when I do its usually the OSSC. I’ve played those games on my 20L5 but not really that long as the Wii wants me to sit back farther than I am comfortable with on my 20L5 due to text size.

Lunch Break Pickup. I didn’t think I was going to get this one again. I found a decent copy at my local Retro Store (Super Video Game Bros). I am missing 2-3 games to rebuild my childhood collection, but the price of Metal Storm & Shadow of the Ninja have me possibly skipping those as I can play them on my Everdrive.


Mmmm, that soundtrack…


What was the shipping price?


So I had a few more pick ups that I didn’t take pictures of.

Loose Saturn lot $20 for some decent games.

Got some Xbox games for BC

Let’s see if I actually make time to get to Yakuza. I’m super into God of War right now.


$22 for a $50 game. So I bought two, so that shipping is “only” 25% of the item price instead of 50%


You can’t go wrong with Saturn Games, Yakuza and God of War.


Holy hell! That’s a tremendous Saturn lot for $20!

Do not sleep on Last Gladiators: Digital Pinball. It’s incredible. It might still be my favorite videogame pinball. High resolution graphics, well designed tables, amazing butt rock soundtrack and wacky live action video to bring it all together!