RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


$43 via eBay offer. Bought Scherezade first and then (as I often do) checked the seller’s other items and saw Hard Corps so I made a good (for me) offer on it and they accepted. I’ve found this to be a good tactic over the years. The sellers see it as value added.


New (to me) TV, a sign, and more bookcases. Pickups/Room update.

I had a small room I was just using for storage. I decided to clean it up and make it the SNES room (and probably later the 16-bit room). I calculated that I will need another bookcase to hold all of the SNES games, but as you can see I have a ways to go before I need it.

The room itself can hold 3 more bookcases based on the setup now. I plan on moving the light to another corner in the room when I get an extension cable. If anyone is interested the bookcases I use are from Home Depot and are about $42. I think they are good quality for the price. Bookcase the price is different based on your color choice with black being the cheapest. They seem like they are always out of stock and they don’t sell them around where I live, so I check the website every now and then when I’m in need of them.

The tv is a PVM-20n6u. The tv stand was target’s cheapest tv stand that looked like it could hold the weight of a pvm. I was thinking of doing a bean bag thing for seating. I’d welcome any suggestions on that matter. The sign I got off of eBay and I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing with it. I may put it on the door.

I helped kickstart a game awhile ago when I heard that there was going to be a pc-engine cd version of the game. I thought that was interesting as I haven’t seen kickstarters for that system. It came in this past week and I think it’s pretty good.

I saw a clip of The Adventure of Little Ralph on a MLiG episode and since then platformers that involve sword combat has piqued my interest (Popful mail, Monster World IV, etc). This game passes that test.


Contra Hard corps is awesome and overall great pickups!


That’s a good strategy that I’m going to borrow.


It’s been awhile since I added a Saturn game to my collection. I’m glad I was able to pick this up for a decent price.

Not sure what happened to my copy of Turtles In Time from back in the day, but I managed to grab another one.

Once I found out that the Phantasy Star Collection included English options, I had to have it.


Little Ralph is a super cool game but also super tough, as it really encourages the player to take risks and take the dangerous paths to get the fruits combo and rack more points. I really enjoy playing that game, even though I don’t get very far.


Not retro, but worhty of a post I thought. The BotW OST. Came with a Play Button which is a small music player has all the overworld music form every Zelda on it, which I forgot even came with it, so that was a nice surprise.

I don’t have a pic at the mo, but I also bought Alliance Alive on 3DS and Yakuza 6 Premium edition.


I got that as well from amazon jp and was really happy it showed up non damaged. Also was amused by the notepad that came with it.

Also got the Xenogears Revival Soundtrack. Was really cheap on NA Amazon though it has shot up now. Am currently fighting off the urge to get one of the music boxes that they gave to special seat holders at the concert off of ebay… I’ve wanted a Xenogears music box for years, and even looked into getting one made. Also cost prohibitive for good quality.


That Phantasy Star collection is top notch. I opted for the JP PSN version, but would love a physical copy someday.


Loads of new PlayStation games and other stuff from the past month as well as a trip to Mandrake game section and viewers buys.


I just wanted to one-up @Aeana haha. No, but I wanted to mitigate the shipping cost to Europe and had to get more than one game. I’m really curious about these two, I’m looking forward to playing them both. As soon as I receive the NES to Famicom cartridge adapter. (We need more pretty repros in the Famicom format.)


Been thinking about getting that Earthbound Beginnings and Trip World from them. More impressions of their products are great.


Got another MV1C neogeo board! Will be making another console out of this one, and I’ll improve on my last one in every way.

It’s in fantastic condition!

I also noticed Amazon were selling 256gb Samsung Micro SD cards for £40 off, down to £78…absolute no brainer considering that linux is now running on the switch without any modification due to the unpatchable boot exploit…!!!

Full linux retroarch on my Switch? yes please

I also bought some parts from my local tesco and built this:

it tasted good


Going to need an in-depth breakdown on how that quiche was made.


Brand new MSX game, Children of the Night!

Pardon the pet hair. (._. )


Wow, looks cool!


Finally got my BKM-129X for my 20L5. 480p looks so much better direct than feeding it through my scart switch.


Mighty Venezuelan haul!

Everything is new, still in its shrink wrap. The one game I really wanted was River Raid, and I ordered those in addition to offset the shipping cost. You may notice there is no River Raid in that haul. That’s because everything was in auction and that game was the last, And I lost it :sweat:

Unfortunately my Atari broke a few weeks ago. I need to get a new one, so these will stay unopened until then :confused:. Well, maybe not Yar’s Revenge or Star Raiders. I want to read these exclusive DC comics!


Yay for new games for old consoles!


Some crappy Japanese game. I also got a SNES Classic off Amazon when they had them available the other day.