RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Glad to hear it, I’ve had my eye on one.


Snagged a couple of Famicom carts I’ve had my eye on for years. Wai Wai World and Wai Wai World 2.


Have you played with a Hyperkin 6 button controller (wired)? Interested to see how they compare given the significant price difference. (I realize it’s a wireless to wired comparion with respect to price so it’s not 1:1.)


Yes, my primary Genesis controller is the Hyperkin. The Joyzz feels a fair bit better, particularly in terms of weight. As for latency, I haven’t noticed a difference at all.


I totally forgot about that controller, glad to see it is getting some good reviews. Going to have to buy it now.


This is the SNES portion of my pickups from last weekend…


<3 Top Gear


Got some more nonsense because I love plastic


Never even heard of these games.


Maybe because they’re super rare? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well reviewed Indie games published by a new ‘Limited Run Gaming’ type company in the UK.

I was interested in Flame and the Flood due to the art style and music and was about to buy digital when I heard there was a physical release, which led me to their other release so far which also looked cool so grabbed the double pack :wink:


Recent stuff in the post , game guides, old pc engine mags and a couple of golf games…


Finally scored one of these bad boys a couple of weeks ago!


I always kind of wanted one just for Wario. Nice pick-ups!


I have 3 broken virtual boys :triumph:




I don’t have a personal photo because I had a hell of a time popping it in and out of the case and various slots to get it to work, but I picked up one of those Datapath RGB E1S capture cards and it’s incredible. It accepts every input I could throw at it, including all of the OSSC’s weird modes, as well as 240p/224p passthrough. The latency on the preview window is also super low.

My goal for this card is to write a Retroarch core that interfaces with the card, so I can take advantage of Retroarch’s shader stack to get a fantastic CRT simulation on output from real consoles.

If anybody else is interested in one of these cards, they retail for $800+ but this guy on eBay has been selling them for about $170 for months.


Worth it. Still a crime that it wasn’t even ported to 3ds.


Got some Switch games. I wonder if the shrinkwrap will ever come off?


I played ZoE around release, never played the 2nd or R4. I’m hoping to start R4 tonight!