RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I recently picked these up. I was super impressed with Double Dragon. I didn’t know much about these and have had a blast trying them out. I had no idea it was so different than the NES version. Golvellius seems like a gem too.


Rastan is such a great game. The Master System version is a decent port, though the arcade original is a ton of fun. I miss Taito arcade games :frowning_face:


Yeah! The music in that game is great too. My girlfriend walked by and noticed it. So we ended up spending some time checking out different music from classic games. Got to share a lot of the great music from Capcom’s NES library.


Rastan is super cool, and I love The Ninja. One of the better early releases.


It’s really good! I had played it when I was a kid a little bit but couldn’t remember what the game was called. When I saw the back of the box I knew I’d found it.


Master System game boxes are just so off-putting, even at the time! What were they thinking?!

So many great games hidden behind awful boxes.


:man_shrugging:t2: I like them.


I just put in an order for this years Nintendo Hallmark ornaments.


Got a Saturn game lot, some great games in there. I’m loving Last Bronx and Clockwork Knight so far. And I have to wait my action replay Plus to arrive to enjoy X-Men vs SF.


Nice lot and some pricey games in there! House of the Dead US is pretty rare specifically.

I got a few things today. New issue of Nintendo Force came a couple days ago, but my package from Japan just showed up! I love Super Aleste on the Super Nt! Love the Japanese sellers too. Great little note!


I hadn’t used Gamestop’s online retro section (mostly out of concern for getting stuff in shitty condition), but with the recent B2G1 sale, I rolled the dice and gave it a shot. Either I got really lucky or they aren’t as bad as I imagined them to be. The Game Boy games were in great condition and Legacy of Kain was a real treat coming CIB and with a scratch-free disc (and $10 cheaper than current eBay prices).


Now that I’m finally back home here’s my complete pickup after 3 weeks in Asia. I didn’t grab too much and I stuck to games that were much cheaper then ebay/NA versions and were easily playable without knowing Japanese. The exception are a few of the Saturn games that I found for ~$2cad and couldn’t pass up!


Pardon my french, but that is a fucking haul! Great pickups! So much awesome in that photo. Tatsujin… dude… one of the best Genesis shooters. You’re going to have a blast!


I’ve never played Truxton before but I know it’s reputation… And price. When I saw the cover for Tatsujin I thought “wait… That’s Truxton!”

Can’t wait to play it!


That’s a whole lotta Rockman! Nice haul Socks.


That game is great.

When I was working at Electronics Boutique in 1993/1994, all those shooters were dirt cheap and I had no clue what was what. When we started taking trade-ins, that stuff was even cheaper! If I knew then what I know now… oy…

Fortunately, I bought a lot of them before prices really skyrocketed in the last few years, but I sure do wish I could go back twenty years and let that me know that he’s a moron. I was lucky to come out of that era with some really great stuff, but there were tons of titles I just knew nothing about. Die Hard Game Fan could only cover so much!


Metroid II is my latest acquisition, now featured along my extensive Game Boy library


Yay for stuff~ Finally got my Super SD System 3, as well as Krikzz’s “Joyzz” wireless Genesis controller and a nicely boxed repro of Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.


Very interested to hear your impressions on that controller. I just bought a couple wired ones, but that wireless version looks slick as hell.


Played a bit of Landstalker, Beyond Oasis, and Castlevania Bloodlines and I have no complaints. There doesn’t appear to be any perceptible lag at all, and the slightly askew dpad is not noticeable at all in actual use. Going to try it on my MSX next, but so far so good. I really like the heft of it, too.