RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Some quality-ass stuff.

Best game there is Moero Nekketsu Rizumu Damashii!


That’s a great ds selection. If I bought that many at once the SO would murder me :sweat_smile:


Great collection Mega! Contra 4 is amazing, so good. And the Megaman Zero games looks phenomenal on the DSi XL screen.


Gonna take some time later and make a DS OT.


This arrived yesterday! Working flawlessly so far, very impressed with it.


Wow that DS haul is awesome. Both castlevanias too


Picked up these PS2 and PSP games for $1 each at a local pawn shop.


Nice. Been wanting to get the Nightmare Before Christmas game for a while. Also even though it’s a dirty greatest hits copy Tony Hawk Underground is legitimately one of my favorite games. They fucken managed to give a skating game one of the best villains in video games. Too bad THUG2 turned into the Bam Margera show.


I also picked up a nice Genesis Model 1 HD package on eBay for $46 USD. It’s in very nice shape, and it sounds and looks miles better than my model 2.

As a bonus it came with a really cool little loose cart rack, that’s in immaculate shape.


I have that exact same cart rack but for SNES. I want to copy the design because I really like it for loose carts.

I think i might have posted that I got DQ11 but I got a couple more games this week. I can’t believe I got Dragon’s Crown for $23.


That cart rack looks sweet, looks to be wall mountable too. Also what an amazing condition Genesis!


Cassette racks are a perfect match for Famicom, Megadrive, Master System games. SNES, I’m not so sure.


Added a DSi XL to the stable:

Seriously, Goodwill auctions people. Read the descriptions carefully, check the pics, check shipping prices and go wild. You’ll likely be doing some cleaning, maybe not. If that’s not you’re thing, that’s fine just fyi. The DSi XL above I picked up is basically mint. I didn’t need to clean the screen or anything. I also received a Mario Paint cart with a S-ton of corrosion so it can be hit or miss. If you’re willing to take some risks, there are great deals.

Let’s see what, have I bought there lately
2 NES controllers
2 NES zappers
2 SNES’s with controllers, PSU, and cables (won the 1 Chip lottery on one)
6-8 SNES games
Dreamcast with controller, PSU, cables, and 2 sealed games
Model 1 Genesis/MD
A couple CIB NES games
Super Game Boy
DSi XL (pic above) with Mario Kart DS (both basically unused)
DS Lite
Metroid Prime Trilogy
About 25 PS3 games
PS1/2 to PS3 memory card adapter

…and I may be missing some things, all about $400. It’s insane what you can ‘minimum bid’ win too.


I love looking at this thread. Always so many cool items to see.
Here are my latest gaming pick ups along with a trip down to the shops, bike ride and a nasty looking but taste burger.


MegaDrive T&E SOFT games complete :ballot_box_with_check:


Always wanted to play this and decided to get it after I remembered it existed after replaying a bit of The Crystal Bearers late last week! Bit gutted that the cover sleeve is in pretty bad condition though…


Finally picked up some of the Shining games on Saturn.

Found these still shrink wrapped when I was helping my sister move a couple of weeks ago. I have Shaolin Monks on PS2 already, but I guess Xbox version is better. RIP CompuSmart.

Some recent pickups for PS4. I picked the wrong time of year to move. :slightly_frowning_face:



Any good? It’s always intrigued me.


I’m enjoying it a lot more than I expected so far.

It’s basically a life simulation RPG with a lot of quirky mechanics - if the idea of exploring and being a citizen of an alien world, with its own way of doing things, appeals to you, then give it a go.

I’m amazed at how well the single-handed nunchuk controls work. They’ve forced the developer to program a good camera - one where you don’t really need to rotate it while moving.

The combat is novel, yet increasingly interesting. There’s a lot more nuance to flicking your bon bon weapon than I was anticipating, depending on how you arc it and how much power you use you can attack different enemies in different ways (a bird might be best hit from below, or you might want to arc around a group of nonthreatening enemies to reach a more vicious target), or with different timing (e.g. attack an enemy just before it hits you).

It’s clumsy in places, but if you go in wanting to play a role in its world you’ll probably get more out of it. One complaint in reviews seems to be the rather confusing architecture of the game’s first town, instead I’m just reminded of how Shenmue built a sense of place by forcing you to find your way around and commit that to memory.

The soundtrack is phenomenal as well, already have it on order!


Interesting. I think I’d like that.

Your description brings to mind Little Big Adventure series (Twinsen Odyssey). Have you played those? Am I thinking along the right lines?