RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’ve heard of them but haven’t played them. Probably better to go in not knowing much in the way of comparisons I guess!


All these DS-games reminds me, is there a decent way to play them on a tv? Anybody made a mod or something?


Wouldn’t you need two TVs stacked?


I was thinking that… now I kinda want to try it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah… You just need one in TATE mode:


20” PVM in front of you, 8” PVM in your lap.


Maybe not what you’re looking for but the wiiU has DS emulation.


Gonna have to try this. I tried DS emulation and wished I could do something like this.


Got some cables in the mail yesterday!

I cannot believe how good the Master System looks now…


I finally picked up an RGB membership.

Be alert but not alarmed.


And we just picked up a banpuncher. No pics tho.


Picked up a few xbox and wii u games. Already had Bayo 1 on wii u so grabbed a cheap copy of 2 to complete it.


R-Type looks great!


The Nintendo DS OT got me interested in buying a DSi XL so I could finally play Phantasy Star Zero which I have had sealed for years already. I also picked up a couple of new and sealed (until they got here) DS games at the same time (New old stock for DS appears to be rather easy to obtain and rather cheap at the moment) and Taz-Mania for the SMS.

My only other recent purchase is a Gaelco World Rally arcade PCB which I bought ridiculously cheap untested that thankfully works although it does have a suicide battery which may be a pain to sort out later but a de-suicide method is documented online for it.


Opened up my Hagane tonight. Finally bought that screwdriver set. Looks legit…


Non-gaming related, but still in the RGB spirit of striving for optimal image quality with our hardware… I recently dove headfirst into 4K HDR with a UBP-X700 Blu-ray player and several movies in that format.

I gotta say, the hype is real. From what I saw so far, key standouts with stunning HDR were Blue Planet, The Martian and Dredd. Blade Runner, Predator and The Matrix were sublime with pleasant film grain, insanely fine detail and deep blacks in shadows and dark scenes that wouldn’t hold up in inferior formats like online streaming. “This is peak viewing quality for film” is what came to mind and I can only imagine squeezing a little more with a future upgrade to OLED. I haven’t yet gotten to some of these, but fully expect to be blown away by Mad Max, BR 2049 and the Revenant. I hear Lego Batman has bonkers color saturation.

So far only Ready Player One was disappointing PQ-wise (mediocre story too)…? probably because it’s a fake 4K/2K upscale and not made from a native UHD source. I’m being cautious with what I buy and encourage anyone who’s interested to visit blu-ray.com or the reviews section of AVS forums to avoid buying any poorly done BRs. Eg. Terminator 2, one of my favorites, sadly has a crappy 4K conversion with a ton of DNR applied and comes strongly not recommend.


Opened up my Rushing Beat Shura (The Peace Keepers) also. This was from Japan 4 You on eBay. Also legit… I hope to have time this week to open everything I bought this year that had “high” prices.

Hagane above was from ebay seller Matskoic.


Haha, was hoping to be able to use my ds carts, but of course this is also a possibility.




The latest Virtual-On also turned up - I’ll be sure to post impressions on the thread for the game.