RGB Recommends: Digital Glider Airman (PlayStation)

Certainly! And sorry, I somehow missed your reply. The manual is fairly substantial. And I should probably invest some time in learning what to do because apparently I suck at this. I spent 20 minutes on the first training mission and could never get farther than 400m. :rage:


That brings back some memories. I originally gave up for that reason. But @harborline_765 had more luck and after that we were flying!

IIRC you can complete the first training mission by not touching the controller - an important lesson!

Thanks for the photos.

Aye, it was the second mission which forced me to try and understand the game proper. Reading the HUD items is really key, the radar and compass will show the location of updrafts (iirc in a blue-ish circles) so you can gain height whilst moving in the right direction, and the altitude metre is essential reading since some missions will fail you if you fly too high. Keep at it and good luck!

Finally got my copy!

But I also got a newborn so may be a while until I play it lol!


Double congrats!

I still think about this game from time to time.

The music found its way into my head this evening, and I have fond memories of gliding over updrafts to gain more altitude before carefully steering the glider to avoid it breaking into two!

Did anyone else pick this gem up?

One day I’d like to go through it again on my CRT, and also try out the analogue and flight stick control schemes.

I’m thinking of getting the analog flight stick for Christmas!?

Thanks to this tread, I’ll have Digital Glider arriving tomorrow. Its still a cheap game too. I got a compete perfect conditioned copy with spine card for 800 yen once shipping was added. Looking forward to trying it out once it arrives.

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To complete the first level don’t touch the controls which reinforces the style of play needed in the game at large.

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Handy hint! Thanks.

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Still haven’t played mine…

Will get that PS1 set up sometime soon…


Got mine, many thanks @harborline_765

Scanned it.

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Really happy for you - so glad it’s in mint condition too! Had no idea!

Saw this game in a photo on Twitter and was immediately consumed by memories of the beautiful mysterious vibes it offers.

I never did buy that flight stick.



I still think about this game! It really is an interesting vision for what a flying game could look like, and the presentation carries it as much as the game design. Like you point out, it just has carries this unique vibe to it - the music in particular brings to mind so many things, from discovery, flying, and sheer accomplishment of our species.

Am hoping to pick up a PS copy for myself just so I can go through it again with analogue controls. Only played the PSP digital release.