Satellaview live broadcast gameplay recordings

I’ll keep this one short: While nosying around for Satellaview gameplay I happened across dozens of recordings a user made while playing the service’s broadcasts back when the service was still operating in the mid-late 90s:

These are recordings of the real deal, then, and the focus on SoundLink games is important, since that broadcast narration and audio has been lost even when some Satellaview games have been archived.

Does anyone have any good alternative sources of Satellaview recordings?

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I found this channel a while ago too. He also has what seems like every Japanese gaming show ever recorded! It’s a shame it isn’t catalogued well, but you can sort of hunt around a games release date range to find certain stuff.

I have the strangest urge to download all of these and back them up on

Are recordings of these broadcasts rare?

Haha, I saw that as well. One show featured an early look at a prototype Virtual Boy - complete with the old logo on the outer chassis!

Apparently Satellaview at its peak had around 100,000 subscribers. I guess few of them recorded their gameplay to tape, and then converted them to digital to upload to YouTube. Not sure how regular the broadcasts were of the episodic games like BS Spriggan or BS Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets, apparently some got re-runs with extra or different content though. The SoundLink games were all limited broadcasts rather than available on-demand

We could probably find more if we have a look on there and NicoNico?