At least it isn’t as bad as a Mimo Genius 2 or an Extron Emotia. I found the corio on Ebay for $60 and Found the USP405 for $50. The last Emotia I saw on ebay was going for $600 or something crazy like that.


Yes that’s how much I thought they were!

Good to hear they can be picked up for nice prices.



Is there any artifacting?


Not that I’ve been able to see so far. It runs just like it does on the switch. No video noise or anything like that. The only major downside that I’ve discovered so far is that small text can be somewhat illegible. I plan on messing around with things more though. I’m doing 720 x 240 with letterboxed aspect correction. This means I’m crunching down 720 x 240 into a 320 x 240 space. I’m going to see if I can figure out a good way to output 320 x 180 to fit in the same space without having to do any aspect correction. It’s a step in the right direction though! I’ll try to post some shots of some other games tomorrow.


What is your setup?


retrogaming RGB cable, OSSC scanlines x2 as the elgato seems to have issues with any other settings.

It tends to loose signal when switching between different resolutions

Current Grandia playthough. Boss fight around 46.30

I have a few issues with some pc engine games where nothing is displayed or captured. But I can get an image on TV


Looking forward to hearing more about this. Sounds promising.


Here are some more 240p shots from the Switch! Please pardon the glare on some of them. The sun decided to come pouring in right as I was taking these. You’ll still get the idea. I tried to get shots at various distances from the screen and actually include the whole monitor in some for scale. One thing that I noticed trying out some modern games is how interesting they look with the phosphor glow from a CRT. Doom in particular was really impressive in that regard.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +

Hollow Knight

Wonder Boy


Breath of the Wild


It’s cool to see these games at 240p. I know you’re throwing away resolution but it’s an interesting way to play for a second run! Do you prefer Wonder Boy at 240p/CRT to the Regular res/LCD look?


Honestly Wonderboy was one game that I expected to be more impressed with. I think that they covered the modern/retro thing pretty well on that game already. I don’t think it lost anything in 240p but it didn’t jump out the way that Bloodstained or Shovel Knight did.


I can see the scanlines taking away from the children’s book aesthetic which is why I think Shovel Knight and Bloodstained work so well as they’re inspired by 8-bit games. I’d be betting something like recent 2D Rayman’s would be in a similar boat to Wonder Boy. Keep the 240p downscaled shots coming!


Fascinating stuff @Danexmurder. I’d love to play Shovel Knight and Sonic Mania this way.

Consoles should never have dropped 240p support in general.


Nice images.

Can you try out more pixel graphics games? Blaster Master, Celeste, Slime-san, Golf Story, Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, Cave Story, Long Reach, Thimbleweed Park, etc.

My interest in this stuff lies in seeing how these low-res-looking games (some made at 240p res) appear on a CRT after the upscaling and line-doubling is removed! Bloodstained is a perfect example.


I think it’s weird seeing modern 3D games in 240p…2D is fine though. Also how on earth did you get 240p on the Switch?


I would think that at least Golf Story would look pretty bad, considering it has a lot of higher rez elements, specifically the dialog boxes!


I would blame HDTVs for not supporting 240p properly or at all.


I agree, I really wish someone was still making high end tube TVs as well for the enthusiast market. I’ll be posting more soon!


I’m using a Corio 2 downscaler. I’ll be doing a write up about it soon. Got great advice from a couple of people over at the Shmups forum.


Yep, I’ll be doing Shovel Knight, Axiom Verge, and Blaster Master soon. I tried out Megaman Anniversary collection but the in-game pixel correction made things really weird. I may be able to fix that with Aspect ratio correction on the scaler though.