Bvm 20F1U Mighty Final Fight


Sega Ages / Saturn - outrun. / RGB / OSSC


Wow, I miss that kind of art so much…


Played around with my Playstation a little bit, I’ve been meaning to replay the Fear Effect games.

Sony Playstation via RGB (sync on Luma) to the Framemeister at 720p:


You made beautiful i want more


Some 480p with Grandia 2 in Pfm 42v1


Please click on it to see with vivid colors


Went full size and oh god my eyes.


Any trick to getting good CRT photos with the phone?


I reduce brightness in monitor


A bit of an angle seems to help as well as manually setting your shutter speed to 1/60 if you can.

Got a nice pic of Irons and Claire in RE2. GREAT game so far !!

Ps1 via RGB on a FV310


I’ll give all that a try when I get a chance. I got my second box from Japan and haven’t had time to do anything with it yet! Argh!


Bonk’s Adventure, PCE, BVM-20F1U


Difficult to follow up those amazing shots!


Grandia - SS - Elgato game capture HD screen grabs.

2EIQzTB 7yXNdql 8f7jwYB ![Eo3NnVS|595x453]nmyi3Pu q9SRPhc



Switch Dead Cells in 240p. First shot is on a BVM14E5U Second is on a PVM-2030


How are you outputting 240p?


I plan on doing a write up about it soon. Right now I’m running an HDMI to VGA dongle from the switch dock into an extron USP 405. From there I run VGA out into a Corio 2 1T-C2-400. The Corio 2 Does all the scaling and aspect ratio correction. The USP405 allows me to fine tune the image centering/scale to get everything looking proper. I’m still going to spend some time tweaking all of it. Just got it up and running yesterday.


Yikes! Expensive.