Thanks! I have a Wii so that’s probably the best method for me.


Just a random assortment

Also I watched the first Pokemon Movie for the first time in a long time. I remember Brock’s stew always looked so good to me lol


@Sapiens What game is that? Looks very bright and colourful. I’m guessing MD or PCE.


It’s a weird game. I had the same issue as starting it many times but never finishing it, so I finally just went full bore in.

It’s not very long and is incredibly easy for the first 80% and then all of the sudden you get some of the most engaging and challenging platforming I’ve ever seen.

I honestly could have used more of this. It felt like the developers were holding back.

It’s a solid 8/10 and actually still holds up as you can tell Westone put a lot of care in it. Some of the nicest tile and sprite work on the MD. Fun gameplay, some cool ideas.

I’ve heard rumours online that the devs had a lot more planned, so at least we got something.

What’s there is focused and polished. It’s more a very linear platform game with super light rpg elements. It feels like a bit of a throwback even for 1994.


Monster World IV on the Megadrive.

Pic taken via an Ossc in 3x via a model 1 jpn md on a 4K tv. Light jail bars are evident on bluer areas.


Man, I am really considering hooking my Wii up to my CRT. It’s with my plasma in the living room right now so I can play Galaxy with my kids. It really looks quite good. But VC games would be best on the CRT.

You’re using component, I assume?


Yep. Component.


Honestly, for the price of the things, spend $30 and get a second Wii.

Best of both worlds!


Don’t forget RetroArch can run on Wii for your pre-1995 games fix.


Sonic 2 20f1u


Yep thought about that as well. Current one has VC games on it. I can use that one with CRT and get a new one for the living room.


Mega Man x2 - KX-14CP1


@Sapiens thanks for that. I’ll be looking into it.


Sf2 sce md on a Sony PVM via s vid.




Magical Pop’n



Awesome, love the gif!


Me too!


Your best N64 shots please?


Ghostbusters on the Mega Drive via a Framemeister at 720p running on a 4K panel. Holds up well although the TV says its outputting a 720p signal. I guess 4K panels can natively output 720p?