720p is easy on 4K because it’s just a clean X3.


Super Mario Land - KX-14CP1

I bought both Super Gameboy players a while ago but only just got around to trying them and I am in love with the variety of colour pallets, much aesthetic. I don’t even mind the borders. I’ve ordered an SGB Hori controller now, Gameboy on a TV is amazing.


GBA on a CRT is even better.

What a shame that we never got something comparable for DS or 3DS in any official capacity.


Very much looking forward to trying GBC/GBA on a CRT, have yet to setup my GC but it’s on the cards!

A DS/3DS player would be amazing, Nintendo needs to make some sort of special switch dock to make that happen.


Hyper Metroid via sd2snes on a 20m2mdu pvm


GBA/GBC on GB Player with component cables and GBI Ultra Low Lag (requires a PVM specifically to achieve native framerate) is a thing of beauty. It’s like having a full 16 bit console other than the borders.

Don’t use the stock software though. Nintendo’s GB Player Disc only works in 480i or 480p and also stutters every few frames resulting in a very compromised experience.


I love that monitor. Such a balanced amount of sharpness/scanlines.


Hoping to use the GBI software, just need to mod the Cube or get an Action Replay disc now.

Oh, PVM only is interesting, so consumer CRTs won’t be able to handle the native/ULL refresh rate? luckily, I have a couple of PVMs.


I’d say it’s probably less likely. But definitely test for yourself.


Ah, that’s why it looks good. I think I’ll keep the Framemeister in 720p mode.


Here’s some shots of Alex Kidd in Shinobi World on SMS.

SCART output, through a shinybow component converter, to a 27FS320 TV.


Alex Kidd always makes me think of this guy:
I think it must be the 'burns.


fun fact: I wrote the liner notes and box content for the DVD release of Monkey!



It’s a bit dated, but still a great show.


Not mine, but I saw this over on reddit and thought you guys would like to see.

NEC monitors are amazing.


That bloom!


The 29 inch monitor that NEC made is a highly coveted item. I think it’s called the XM29 or something?

29 inches seems like an amazing size for a proper CRT. The 20 inch PVM’s are high quality and very arcade monitor-like in size, but generally smaller than what you’d want when sitting across a decently sized room.


Decided to fire up some Zero Wing today.


Neo Geo MVS running RGB at 4K playing World Heroes Perfect.
Looks lovely.


It really does