Original Arcade Contra 魂斗羅 コントラ (PS2, Oretachi Gēsen Zoku) in Tate mode. Comodore 1084S P1


Japanese sometimes act very strange. Or they really don’t care about authentic scanlines? and CRT monitors!? Who knows.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. We are a niche within a niche.


CRT was made to last longer. My LED panel tv worked for five years only.


Some esp Ra de on my Astro City


I should look into getting this done. I have no idea where to go though(Toronto area)


This looks fantastic. The way they drew and shaded everything gives it an almost pastel look in some of those screens. It’s crazy what devs were capable of back then even with the megadrives more limiting color pallete


This game looks rad. I haven’t heard of it till now.


Is that a metal slug marquee I see in that last pic?


Ardy Light Foot Snes Bvm 20F1


Great shot!


I printed out the instruction card because it was empty when I bought the Astro


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Its probably my favorite Cave game. Whats cool is that instead of controlling a ship you control 1 of 3 teenagers with psychic powers.


Are these teenagers tasked with saving the world ? I need to know!


Hey Peltz, did you ever get Axiom Verge to work with scanlines?

I think if you have a hdmi to vga adapter and slg handy, you should be able to test it out. I haven’t got the game myself yet, but I’ll wait for a sale when one comes up. I don’t exactly know if there’s any version that will support perfect pixel output without scaling screwing the thing up.

Wasn’t there a Wii version?


More GBAPlayer pics on the Lacie Electron IV


Looks phenomenal.


Sorry didn’t see this until now. I’m planning a complete re-wiring of my whole setup for better cable management so haven’t had the chance to hook this up yet.

I may actually end up selling my Corio if I don’t find a good way to integrate it into my setup that looks good and is easy to use. I sort of bought that item on a whim because I love the idea of downscaling conceptually. But deep down, have very little appetite to “tinker” with games to make them look good these days.

I may offload it to someone on RGB in the buy/sell/trade section sometime soon.


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