There’s a new firmware out now for the Framemeister that offers vertical scan lines as well as LCD filters!!! Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this. you need to grab the firmware from the new Micomsoft site -

Use Chrome’s translate option to navigate the page if you can’t read it. It does a good enough job. There are Japanese and English versions available.

Now for the pictures. All shots taken of a Saturn running in RGB at 1080p on a 4K screen
You’ll need to download the images to see the correct quality. Each photo should be 4592 x 3448 in size. The vertical scan line looks fantastic on shooters,

Horizontal Scan Lines (the ones we all know and love)


Vertical Scan Lines

Even Dotted Line

Anomalous Lattice Pattern

Square Lattice Pattern (Like a DS screen)

Dotted Line (similar to screen tone on a LCD)


Video to go with the pictures. For best results please watch this video in 4K or at the very least 720p.


Saturn - Gunbird 1080p on Toshiba 4K pannel

Saturn - Dead or Alive 1080p on Toshiba 4K pannel


Pretty nice to see all these features in the update, especially considering on a product that’s “end of shelf life” if the rumor’s for production ending are true.

I’m a little picky when it comes to scanline - pixel accuracy, so I might be somewhat ocd going over these images. I’m wondering was DOA being output at 480i?


Dead or alive was 480i in to the Framemeister but output at 1080p


What system outputs DOA at 480i? Just curious.


Electron IV?


LaCie electronblue IV, a PC CRT with a Trinitron/Diamondtron screen.


Awesome to see the Framemeister get updated. I take it scanlines are now fixed at 1080p? The Square Lattice option would be great for the GBA Player!


Oh, i see.


@Yakumo so are you using Fire Brand X’s profiles? If so, 4x or 5x?

I am curious now, I really never liked the FM’s scan lines. They looked really funky to me. I will probably update it and play around this weekend. I really dig the vertical scan lines for some shooters. I think the best way is to get that TV mount @Socksfelloff has and just rotate the actual monitor (or play it on my pc screen).

The FM & the Analogue consoles both have (or had) weird 1080p scanlines. Its gotten to the point, where I don’t even turn them on sometimes. I really prefer the look but when they are this 1pixel high line, it doesn’t really feel like scanlines. This was the 1st selling feature for the OSSC. The second was the delay. I know a lot of people think it isn’t much, but when combined with my tv that comes in ~ 30 ms in 1080p and < 30 ms in 4K. Oddly, my tv doesn’t seem to add much delay at all for 720p content (and the image quality shows its not processing much) so for games that required more twitch response, i would load a 720p profile.

I will say this, if the OSSC works on you tv and you have a good signal going into it. It looks better than the FM. But, the FM pretty much works on every display in my house. Its hard to argue that compatibility is king. At least now the scanlines look a bit better. Maybe I will play some PS1 JRPGs in comfort now (instead of sitting close to my PVM)


Nope, I don’t know about Fire Brand X’s profiles. I’m just using my own settings which I got after many months of messing about with settings. Looks good on the Saturn, doesn’t it :slight_smile:


GBA Player+OSSC+Lacie Electron IV

Played a little Metroid Fusion and it’s stunning, the atmosphere really creates a sense of tension and isolation


Soooo good. Damn


That clearly looks almost like it’s displaying on the GBA screen all blown up.

So far I can only get scanlines on the ossc and I have to run an interlace signal otherwise the lines will blur into the fields before I even get to them. I want to try swiss so I can run that cross-scanline method I’ve been testing out on my yt videos. Some games display out perfectly so I can do that 1:1 pixel line count.


That’s what I’m doing, using Swiss to output 240p60 from a PAL Gamecube, so much better than the official GBA player disc.


You should try GBI. Especially GBI ULL if your tv supports it. It’s even better than Swiss.


Woops, using Swiss and GBI interchangeably! Yeah it’s GBI I’m booting from Swiss. Using the speed run version which is bordered but looks nice and sharp.


OSSC+Lacie Electron IV

I’m terrible at Smash64 but love the low poly charm of the game (I guess that goes for that entire gen)


Damn. Your setup looks so good.