That’s a beautiful low poly model.


Here’s some shots of my JVC TM-H1950CG broadcast CRT that I added an RGB input to (built my own input card). All consoles (AV Famicom, Saturn, Mega Drive, SFC Jr) connected via RGB SCART and photographed with a Nikon D40x


Rich, that’s gorgeous.


You built an input card?!?


Damn!! That sharpness and those rich colours are amazing!!


yeah, I got the monitor for £25. No RGB input card, so I added one myself:

I documented it all here: (sorry for linking to it again! I don’t get any money from ads, ha. I just like showing my progress with retro mods)


How hard is it to learn how To do stuff like this? I’ve always wanted to learn how to mod my own stuff.


Nice to see you again, Rich. :slight_smile:
Those JVC monitors look sick. Always wanted one, never managed to find one yet. One day…


start small and it’s easy. Most of the mods you see done to consoles are quite simple


looks amazing!


And most of the mods are just following the instructions that someone else has written. The difficulty depends on your ability to read and follow a protocol. And have a steady hand for your soldering.


Some of those pictures look quite amazing! I always loved Lunar 1 and 2 , translation aside.


Yep. It’s all about technique, really. Once you know what not to do (ie, less is more when it comes to soldering), it’s a doddle. It’s a shame when people spend hundreds more on pre modded consoles when they likely could hone their skills and do it themselves.

My AV famicom was only £60 with two controllers from a random JP ebay auction I won. The NESRGB board was £70. So that’s £130 for a NESRGB AV Famicom. If I sold it I could get at the very least double that easily.

Same for the UltraHDMI board for the N64 I ordered. Cost me £130 in total. The installation looks simple enough for me. A recent HDMI N64 sold on ebay for the equivalent of £412.


But that’s how it goes, you pay for service too. Personally, I have never soldered, I have no skill in electronics and no problem paying some extra for a quality modding job.


I dont mind paying someone who does this stuff on a regular basis. I’m paying more than if I did it myself but I don’t have soldering equipment, a work space, skills or steady hand. And my amateur efforts will be nowhere near the workmanship of someone with expert level proficiency. The cost also includes the saved time and effort of not doing it myself!


All via my Snes Mini + rgb mod and analogue nt on my pvm20l5




Eiyuu Densetsu III Shiroki Majo / Legend of Heroes - White Witch Sega Sat OSSC


Metroid Rogue Dawn, RGB AV Famicom, BVM 20F1U


Sonic 3 on a 32fv310