Sega Ages Puyo Puyo, Phantasy Star and Space Harrier - Questions

A few questions as the Sega Ages lineup is discounted right now as part of the current Switch e-shop sale. I already have the Ages versions of TF IV, Outrun, Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy in ML which are all great so no need to sell me on those. :slightly_smiling_face:

Puyo Puyo:

Aside from the usual M2 bells and whistles is there any advantage to getting this if I already have Puyo Puyo Tetris not to mention Puyo Puyo 2 on the SNES app? But I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Puyo Puyo and Compile in general so I just gotta know.

Phantasy Star:

This would be my first ever Phantasy Star title, is this a good game to jump into the series with? I definitely like the fact it has an auto mapping feature for the dungeons (the lack thereof is a big reason why I never got around to playing the Master System game). Sometimes I just feel like skipping straight to PS IV but it’d be nice to experience one of the earlier titles first (based on everything I’ve heard, PS II is way too rough).

Space Harrier:

I picked this up in the sale last night even though I have the 3DS Classics version and what’s really bugging me is It’s using cockpit style directional controls (up for down, down for up) by default which is not comfortable at all and unless I’m missing something there doesn’t seem to be a way to invert the controls? Also don’t like the display options which seem kind of sparse for an M2 release, aside from the filters it’s basically just either widescreen or a small 4:3 aspect ratio.

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I cant speak to the differences on Puyo Puyo very much, but I thought it was worth it, even though I own the other titles. It’s one of the few competitive games my wife likes, so we tend to jump between each of the games that we own. Story mode has been translated, so I guess theres that.

The original Phantasy Star is a great game to jump into. Just be aware that it can be a very difficult and unforgiving game at times, and somewhat obtuse. But when it clicks. it’s so satisfying. The automap feature is a godsend, and the optional FM synth soundtrack makes it worthy of purchase alone.

As for Space Harrier, it’s been a while since I fired it up, but I thought there was an option to invert. I mainly play it with my Hori RAP, setting the option to automatically return the stick to center, and I enjoy that quite a bit. It does seem a little barebones compared to the other releases, but then again its Space Harrier, and for the asking price I still think it’s a worthy purchase.

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I’m not a fan of the original Puyo Puyo. It’s interesting as a historical artifact but the changes made for 2, specifically being able counter garbage puyos, render the original pretty well obsolete.

I have to assume they’ll do a good arcade conversion of 2 at some point (edit: comes out in 2 days in Japan) – the one on 3DS is already excellent so that shouldn’t be too hard. Wouldn’t mind seeing some love for SUN as well.

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I finally found the option to invert the controls, there was an “advanced settings” menu I missed earlier. And I agree Space Harrier for $5.99 is a great deal, it’s just nice to have it on Switch whenever I want. I feel the same way about Fantasy Zone, I’ll be getting the Ages version of that as well despite also having it on 3DS as that’s another evergreen Sega arcade title for me.

And thanks for the info on Puyo Puyo and Phantasy Star. :grinning:


Every console gen has games that I think are must-play if you want to say you truly experienced that era. For the NES/SMS/7800 gen, those would be games like Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Wonder Boy III, Metroid, and some others. Phantasy Star is definitely one of those games.

Like was said, the Switch version makes the mazes so much more tolerable. And if you play in Ages mode, the combat and money gathering is much easier (I found that aspect too easy but I have played through the original multiple times). The hardest part in the new mode is figuring out where to go as they didn’t alter that. This is a game where you need to talk to every NPC for clues. The overworld is almost like a puzzle in that way. But you can always check an internet walkthrough if you get stuck. If you don’t mind the cryptic clues aspect, then you probably will be fine with the game. If you need an RPG to be really straightforward, then PSIV would appeal more.

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Sorry I missed this reply, thanks for the detailed info. I did pick up Phantasy Star during the sale, just need to find some time to play it in between my other RPGs.

I also got Fantasy Zone this week, much like Space Harrier and Outrun that game is just a timeless joy to play. So far for Ages on Switch I have: Lightening Force/TF IV, Outrun, Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone and Phantasy Star which is a really solid and eclectic Sega library to have on the go. Hopefully they release Thunderforce AC soon.

I never played Phantasy Star until I was in college although I had an older neighbor who owned it so I remember watching it a lot as a kid. It’s a fantastic game which might take a bit to get into do to a steep difficulty curve. Fortunately, the Switch version is a great way to do this since it adds mapping and some other QOL for people who want to make things a bit easier. I don’t think it really needs it though. I can play through the whole thing in under 10 hours. Someone who’s new but has experience with RPGs should be fine in under 15 especially with the mapping function.

Hope you get into it and move on to the other games as well. Phantasy Star IV is the best RPG of all time (fight me).

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