Classic Sega Genesis, Master System games coming to Nintendo Switch

Sega is bringing a line of retro games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4, to Nintendo Switch. The company announced the new initiative, which will be released under the Sega Ages label, during a Sega fan event in Japan today.

More than fifteen titles will be released under the new Sega Ages lineup, though only three titles were confirmed at today’s event. Studio M2, which was responsible for previous Sega re-releases like the 3D Classics Collection for Nintendo 3DS and the Sega Ages series for PlayStation 2, is behind the Switch Sega Ages titles. M2’s involvement is good news for fans of classic Sega games; the developer’s work on restoring and emulating 8-bit and 16-bit games is unparalleled

In M2 we trust. Very excited for this as I loved the 3D Classic line. Having them on bigger screens will be nice too.


M2 magic incoming. Switch is really a powerhouse modern platform for classic gaming fans.

Portable Thunder Force 4 is mildly ridiculous when you think about it for a moment.

I have little faith in SEGA these days but I belive in M2!

I think this is another nail in the coffin for VC but I prefer it this way.

Okay I’m not gonna lie… this is exciting!

Usuall I stick to original hardware but the switch is my favorite way to play anything

I know I’m looking forward to it. And hopping for a physical release of it all down the line. :3

Definitely more exciting to me than the mini console they showed off after I found out it was being done by the same people as the flashback console that is already out. And that it still wouldn’t have Sonic 3.

I would love a Phantasy Star collection (M2 has done it before!). Give me PS 1-4, with FM soundtrack option for 1, and I’m happy!