Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking


I checked the website, he’s got all of his software right there. I guess maybe I figured it just wouldn’t work on the bootleg


I believe it’s stolen code/firmware from the original creator, not sure if it’s been modified but people recommend not updating clones using firmware from the GDEMU site.


@Socksfelloff and I played some Power Stone 2 this weekend and had a blast. That’s a fun game, and I can only imagine what 4-player local multiplayer mayhem would be like.

I really need to fix my Dreamcast, I miss playing that system.


That is exactly what it was. Like a bit too much so, and why I prefered the first game when going with friends.


Interested to hear why? There’s a bit of learning process involved, and 4P is crazy manic, and the menus suck, but what else is frustrating?


I guess the learning process. I can’t figure out how to suck less :sweat_smile:

It’s probably just a “git gud” situation. I’m sure if I sat down with it to learn how all of it works, I’d have more fun with it. I’ll do just that sometime soon.


9/9 is around the corner.


Well im not off today, but im off tomorrow so i may just try to get in as much dreamcast as possible today. Too bad those retrovision dreamcast component cables arent out yet… I also need to see what else im missing…


I’m going to fire it up for a bit. 9/9 is more than just another day. :slight_smile:


Dreamcast month brought me an amazing get. I’m on vacation and checking the local Craigslist/kijiji, I found this:

DC, 2 controllers, HOTD2 light gun and more 34 games, in excellent condition for about $180.

But how am I bringing all that back? Excess luggage here I come.


That’s an amazing pickup. Especially for that price which is very reasonable. Wish u a blast playing all of that


Nice haul!!!


I’m not even going to zoom in to check all the games to prevent me from turning into jelly.


What an amazing deal. Fantastic!


Oh yes.


What’s the smoothest way to emulate power stone 1 these days? I want to run some mp power stone off my pc but the last time I tried that it was s glitchy mess. Am I better off just buying a console to replay it.


I haven’t personally tried it but I’ve heard people use demul to play Powerstone 2 online so you may have luck using that for Powerstone 1.

I use demul for mvc2 online and it runs great!


I’ll give it a shot. I only own powerstone 1 atm so hopefully that works just as well. I’m not concerned with offline play in emulation


Anyone have experience with Elementsl Gimmick Gear? I just saw this box art:

and I’m intrigued.


Looks beautiful and combat is interesting with the spinning egg attack, but navigation is a bit meddlesome and I got lost within the first couple hours. Worth a shot.