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Anyone have opinions or experience using DreamPi as an alternative to the broadband adapter? I’m adding up the cost of everything needed to build, plus labor/troubleshooting time, and not sure if it’s actually any better than coughing up the $150 for the official adapter.


I havnt built a dream pi yet but alot of games don’t support the official lan adapter, only the modem. Sounds stupid, I know, but the dream pi is really the only feasible way to play dreamcast online these days unless you still have access to dial up.


Sega GT had the Sega GT Pocket game on the VMU. In GT Pocket, you had to train your racer and could earn money by winning races to spend in Sega GT on vehicle upgrades. If you finished the game and won the GT Pocket Cup, it would unlock several cars in Sega GT, that could only be unlocked via the mini game. I remember I used to take my VMU to work with me to play GT Pocket on my down time.


I’m way lttp on Dreamcast but I should be getting one soon!

I’m thinking a Turo would be the best for me? (plus a male to male SCART cable to the SCART->BNC breakout). So it would be DC->Turo->m-to-m SCART->SCART to BNC->PVM. I already have a SCART->BNC breakout.

I will be playing on a PVM that’s 240p/480i (doesn’t support 480p). I won’t immediately be using the VGA out but could potentially in the future via a PC monitor.


If you’re just going from DC to a 240p/480i CRT you may also just want to use a Dreamcast SCART cable.

Toro is a great option for future proofing in case you get a 480p capable display though. It’s a bit overkill for your current setup though, but certainly isn’t a bad thing because it gives you options.


Good point. I didn’t see a DC scart cable on Retro Access or RGC, albeit it was late last night when I was looking. I’ll check again.


That old Utopia CD still is the best way to play imports without hard modding?


If you’re looking to play back-ups, you can change the region prior to burning them, saving you from getting off the couch.

If you’re not looking to burn any back-ups, I think that’s still a solid solution.


I prefer this:



Any way yet to force 240p via RGB SCART for all games?


No but add me to the list of those dieing for it !