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I’ve never played the JP Shenmue before, but the voices and BGM were always that muffled and poorly mixed?

It didn’t helped that the constant CD reading noise got in the way of the actual game sound.


I seem to remember the voices were lower quality in one region. Can’t remember Japanese or English.


English. The Japanese voices were not only clearer but the voice acting was a million times better.


Hey let me try this new VGA cable for the dreamcast, people often says it’s the SHIT and…

“This game isn’t compatible with this video cable. Please switch cables and try again”



Which game were you trying?


KOF 98. I tried Gunbird 2 and same results. Only power stone was compatible so far.

Why give video out options that won’t work with all games?


After just a little Googling, it seems like some games can work if you use a boot device like a Gameshark. Others can be tricked into working but not everything does work. Is your Gunbird 2 a NTSC or PAL game?


Developers had to plan early and do extra work to add VGA support. Some didn’t bother, some left the mode half finished and disabled, some he’s only one region release supports VGA. etc

240p games generally don’t work. You could try an external scaler for those.

KOF won’t work.
Gun Bird 2 should work.

Bangai-o sadly doesn’t work :cry:

Here’s the list I consult:


  • 295 [NTSC-U] - [PAL-E] - [Unreleased] - [Unlicenced] games - (Duplicated games not counted more than once)
  • 294=English
  • 1=French only
  • 279=VGA Compatible
  • 16=No VGA Support

95% VGA compatible
5% No VGA support


You can patch most games to force VGA if using a GDEMU or just plain ol’ CD-Rs.


It’s why the Toro box is so key. Every game is supported in its native res through a SCART output.


I broke out my DC for the first time basically since I bought it tonight. Hack 'n slashed some Record of Lodoss War before giving up since I don’t have a VMU yet. D’oh!

What are my best video output options? Using a cheap composite, yep :frowning: , cable for now. My pvm doesn’t do 480p (1954Q). My HDTV does 480p pretty well. Should I get a Toro, Garo, etc? I don’t have a FM or OSSC, no plans to get one either. I was thinking a good S-video cable would be pretty good for my pvm. I don’t see any scart or YPbPr cables. RGC uk has some ongoing scart cable updates: I might wait to see how that plays out.

Am I missing something? Total DC noob here.


There’s a first party SCART cable out there. I have an extra one myself that I’d be willing to part with for the right price. Also, HD retrovision is making some component cables, but I am not sure when they’ll be ready.

S-Video is an option too, but for that, I’d go with a VGA box that supports S-Video out rather than a dedicated cable. That way, you avoid the possibility of it just being a composite cable in disguise.

Plus there is Behar Bros options like the Toro, but they may be overkill for what your need. They also take forever to ship.

Finally, there’s a good HDMI solution in development. I forgot where to get that one though as I haven’t been paying attention to it lately. I think it was recently released if I’m not mistaken though. Hopefully, someone else could chime in on that. Edit: it’s behar bros. Definitely a great option. Don’t go with imitators on something like that.

If your goal is simply 240p or 480i on the PVM, SCART is your best choice of the available options out there, but bear in mind there are a few incompatible games. If your goal is 480p on your flat panel, VGA or hdmi is the way to go. But again, some games are incompatible with VGA.

If your goal is to set it and forget it to your crt, s-video works well.

Toro is more for the person who needs ultimate flexibility. I use that one because my monitor supports all resolutions (240p, 480i, and 480p) and none of the games will block it out.

Regardless of your choice, check out this site and read through each of the product descriptions:

I really like their stuff if you want something high quality.


Retro Gaming Cables UK are working on a SCART cable that will do RGB and 480p with a switch


So basically their take on the Toro. Could be good.


If Toro is a box that you plug cables into, this is a cable no box required as the circuit is in the connector.


Oh that sounds even better. Toro works well enough with flawless image quality but I’m not a fan of the box’s bulk, its questionable build quality, or it’s small switches that are poorly labeled and rather superfluous.

A streamlined cable with a single switch to toggle between 240p/480i mode and 480p mode would be more ideal.


Yep, this is what I linked to above. I think I’m going to wait until it comes out. Hopefully soon.

[edit] maybe @Try4ce or @CouryC have been able to test out prototypes?


How do you tell if an svideo cable is composite in disguise?


A warning sign is if it still has the yellow composite video connector. It should just have red and white audio connectors and the s-video connector. There may be instances outside of that but thats the most obvious sign imo.


Yea, that’s true. Otherwise, it’s, unfortunately, a bit of a gamble outside of 1st party offerings.