Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Grew up with the Saturn. Got it during Christmas '96 when all my friends had a PSX or N64. No regrets, I got to play everything that way.

Really good memories of all the big Sega stuff (I got the three-game bundle and a light gun), flipping out for the Virtual On demo, getting Panzer Dragoon Saga as one of my first online purchases, getting into imports after picking up Thunder Force V from EB… And I still have so much I want to play on it!

I love this video regarding the transparency capabilities of the hardware:


Yeah, nice setup. I love the Saturn.

I was pretty disgusted to see Panzer Dragoon Saga not even make IGN’s top 100 RPGs this year. The Saturn can never catch a break.


Anyone can opine on how well the Mission Stick works on the saturn Galaxy Force II?


New video. An adventure game featuring X Japan and lots of bad acting! :smiley:


Hurray! I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks!


I’ve been thinking of getting a Sega saturn and collecting some of the Japanese imports. Is the language barrier really tough?


There are a bunch of shooters, fighting games, and platformers where there isn’t much barrier aside from a few menu settings. It’s the current prices of the games that’s a bigger hurdle for many people.


Just stay away from text-heavy games like RPG’s. Most shooters and such are really accessible from a gameplay standpoint. From a financial standpoint however…

You could even try a few rpg’s, just make sure to check if there’s a translation guide on gamefaqs or something.


Thanks, I had a Sega Saturn but it was recently stolen. Luckily I still have the games and have been thinking about buying another Saturn and buying a few imports.


Lots of fantastic stuff on the import side of things. I’m selling a few things, so feel free to PM me if you’re looking for anything specific. Cheers.


Like @eXistor mentioned, text heavy games can be difficult to get through, but other than that, you’re generally good. Hell, even for those sorts of games, there are sometimes translation patches, walkthroughs on GameFAQs, and longplays available on YouTube or Nico that can help you complete them.

There’s also a list of import-friendly games in the first post in this thread under “Repositories.” Follow the link. You may have to register at the SSUK forum to read it. And translation patches can be found under the “Homebrew/Hacks/Patches” section.


Thank you @eXistor @SaturnMemories, I’ll keep that in mind. I didn’t know about translation patches, I’ll have to read more into it!

I’ve been eyeballing Saturn consoles for awhile now and I think it’s getting harder to resist them, haha.


I’ve never been able to get myself to play though a text heavy game with a secondary guide/no translation. A lot of what I enjoy about those kind of games is reading all the text/talking to all the npcs and not just “beating the game” though so it just makes it too much of a hassle. Thank goodness for translation patches.


Does anybody have any recommendations on where I could find an official wireless Saturn controller? I have one and the receiver (which takes both controller ports) but can’t find a second pad outside of feebay.

They use I/R obviously but they work surprisingly well.


I’ve always wonder about ir controllers. Are they lag free? You just got to make sure there is a line of sight?

Anyway, I really can’t wait for Krikkz to release his wireless md pads. :drooling_face:


Yeah they actually work damn well, I was surprised as well when I scooped it last year. It really does seem to be nearly lag free and as long as you are in sight of the receiver it works great.


I absolutely love the Sega Saturn. Not only was it the first console I bought with my very own cash (first pay check) but it’s also the only console to get used practically every day from purchase for over 10 years!!
I still own the same Saturn now and yes, it still works perfectly.

I my opinion the Saturn (Japanese one) was the greatest console ever closely followed by the Super Famicom then the Mega Drive and PC Engine. Modern consoles just don’t cut it like the classics although I did really enjoy my Xbox 360 and still do. No where near as much as the Saturn mind you.

I love the Saturn so much I own two Sega Karaoke systems with built in Sega Saturn hardware!! Check out the YouTube video I made of it.

while we’re at it, my love for the Saturn shows in the Retro Core 5 - Saturn special


I still blame you and your RC Saturn special, for having made my wishlist much longer than it already was. :smile: That - along with the MD one - is still my favourite episode so far.


sorry dude :stuck_out_tongue: That arcade thread on here has had the same effect on me. I had to pull myself away on buy a load of cheap PS2 games instead otherwise I would have blown a load of cash I don’t have on something I don’t have the room for.


On the other hand I’ve found myself regretting a lot of other purchases I’ve made recently thinking “I could have finally bought that rare game I’ve been watching rise for years with this money and been way happier instead”. Like over the past year I’ve gone to a bunch of concerts again and gotten heaveyer into craft beer and now think I would have prefered just blowing it all on vidya I can’t afford and don’t have room for. :c Shitsux.