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Using anything but the HSS-0150 1mb ram cart causes additional slowdown on Metal Slug.

Playing Samurai Spirits 3+4 and the Real Bout Fatal Fury games with a 4mb ram cart can cause sprite corruption.


I ran through it with both and the performance is not changed. The Saturn version has major performance issues related to poor programming and the 1 and 4 MB card perform precisely the same with metal slug.

The Saturn looks so much better with it in there as well.


I noticed lots more slowdown with the 4mb cart, especially on the first boss.


I noticed no difference - the performance is extremely similar in both cases - great game still and worth it for the combat school modes, but the carts do not make a difference in my experience.


We should do some sort of saturn rpg group playthrough at some point. Im sure more than a few of us have the…ahem…few but good games in our backlog.


I’m down for a Saturn RPG playthrough group, for sure. A few I still haven’t played (but own) include: Albert Odyssey, Dragon Force (only dabbled a bit), Shining Wisdom, Shining Force 3, Shining in the Holy Ark.


I’m game for Mystaria or Shining Wisdom.


I’m good for any, except Panzer Dragoon Saga (but only because its still too fresh in my mind, not that its bad).


Perhaps Shining Wisdom then? I believe it’s meant to be 10 hours or less which sounds nice!


I couldn’t get into Shining Wisdom I think looking back years ago I was hating the having to build up the run by mashing the run button so you can cross a map quickly but any attack or bump into something meant you had to build up the momentum again.

Mystaria the turn based game by Microcabin ? Pretty sure I enjoyed that too back in the day but it wasn’t till much later after the LoTR movies arrived and went that I noticed what appeared to be some references in Mystaria seemed to be from there and somehow that put me off the game… >.>’


Count me in for the RPG play through as well. My Saturn really needs some love!


Is there any reason to have both Daytona and Daytona CE?


They’re really two different games IIRC. CE doesn’t play the same as the original Daytona USA. The feel is different. Sega Retro confirms that…

They say CE feels closer to the arcade game, but I remember the drift mechanics in Champion Circuit Edition feeling inferior to the original release so to have it tweaked the other way for the Japanese release is surprising to me.

Personally, my favorite Daytona release is the one on 360/PS3 as a digital download.


I only collect Japanese games, and I don’t remember Circuit Edition controlling more like the arcade game. All of the turns can be navigated by shifting 4-2-4, which is just wrong. 4-2-4 will get you through some turns in the arcade game, but 4-1-3-4 is more common. I also remember CE being pretty damn twitchy with a 3D pad.


Both Daytona’s suck so bad though…

Just play more Sega Rally is the right answer to ‘which Daytona should I play’


Eh, AM2 got the handling, physics, and general feel of their Saturn Daytona port right. It’s just a bit ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:


The framerate though. All over the place. It would be better going for the 360/PS3 port these days, it’s BC on XB1 with 16xAF added to the X as default.


Yep, framerate and draw distance are truly garbage.


I can confirm 100% that No version of Daytona CE feels like the arcade edition and that includes the vastly superior Japanese release. The worst is the US edition. It handles like crap and sounds like crap too. They removed all the original music. The Japanese version has the original music though.

I played Daytona to death in the arcades and on Saturn and can confirm that only the original plays like the arcade game.


The frame rate isn’t all over the place. It’s just low (15 or 20fps, iirc). Any inconsistency you may notice is probably due to the background and foreground updating on different frames. In the images below, observe how the clouds shift while the foreground remains static:

I imagine it’s another delightful quirk related to parallel processing. Having two VDPs drawing different layers probably allows you to do something like this.