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Isn’t quirky kinda the keyword here though, although Daytona USA is easily available on the Saturn and cheap for a copy, it’s kinda the 2011 port that is most true to getting the proper arcade experience?!


Right. This is what I remember as well. I own the US version of CCE and I didn’t like it then and I doubt I’d like it now. I was just surprised to read on Sega Retro that the Japanese version was supposedly better. The pop-up in the original version was a minor annoyance but it played great at the time. Like I said above, that 360/PS3 version is the best home version by far. The online play was magical, especially with pit stops in the tire wear mode, and it looks beautiful.



It may not be that great frame rate wise, but I still play a ton of the original Daytona with the racing wheel. I have a certain nostalgia for ports that don’t run so great.


FEW games feel as good as Saturn rally. They nailed it. Few racing games are as fun to play. I mean it.

Also, they ducked up the turn physics on the “sega am2” corner on saturn daytona’s Dino canyon track. It’s infuriating that I can’t powerslide it proper.


Problem is, it took 16 years to get a proper arcade port of that game. I like Daytona 2001 and all, but if you want to play that game on a real Dreamcast, you absolutely have to have a wheel since they fucked up the pad controls so terribly. That said, if you play it in an emulator, you can use programs like Xinput Plus to sort out the issues. Plays really well after that:


Saturn themed music player anyone? $400…which is only a $100 markup from the normal player. I’ll pass but it does look pretty cool.


Are Saturn Light guns region locked? I have a US saturn with action replay and want to play both US and Japanese light gun games. If I grab one orange gun and import one black one (for variety), can I use them both on all light gun games? Also, should I be looking into any other games besides the following: HotD (Japanese), and Virtua Cop 1 and 2?


No Saturn accessory is region locked.


Very cool but way too expensive. Plus I don’t like the button that pops out of the player. It looks ugly and I can imagine it being in the way when having the unit in the pocket.


I can confirm no region locking, just had my son test the NA Saturn with an Action Replay, using a JP Stunner, playing both NA and JP region games with no issues.

Photo proof! :slight_smile:


Thanks! The photo proof is unnecessary, but awesome! Looks like a fun time.


Mighty Hits and Crypt Killer (Henry Explorers) are both fun. And if you can get it cheap, Death Crimson is worth it for a laugh. :wink:


Thank you!


Be aware that Virtua Guns have some very brittle ABS plastics, don’t open them unless you really have to. I wanted to put some grease on the trigger mechanism in one of mine because it was very squeaky, and I broke five out of the 8 screw thread posts. I tried superglueing them, but when I tried to screw it back, the first one shattered in several other bits. I dipped the posts in epoxy, which I’m now waiting to cure.


Thanks for the heads up @khaz, I was actually thinking of opening one of mine for maintenance… I’ll reconsider my approach!


The epoxy hardened, but didn’t stick to the ABS. the last few posts that didn’t initially crack, did at the gentlest turn of the screw. I gave up on the whole affair and superglued the two halves together. It seems to stick, but I’ll be looking for a replacement very soon.

Which also means, don’t hit stuff with your Virtua Gun, like a wall or let it fall on the floor. I’m convinced the whole body will shatter at the first roughness.

small thread as to why (tl,dr; it’s age)


Thanks again for the heads up, really appreciated.


so what’s the state on RHEA alternatives now, anything in the works? I’d love to see something like the super SD system 3 for this, wouldn’t even need RGB in it


There’s a Chinese device called Saroo that I think is completed, but I have no idea how one would get ahold of it. There’s also the Saturn Satiator, which conveniently utilizes the system’s VCD card slot. It’s not done yet, but work is slowly progressing…


ooo, i gotta keep an eye on that latter one!