Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Mega CD and Saturn are two distinct games. The Saturn game is set after the original Mega CD game, has some returning characters but no overlapping story.


Good to hear. If you want to buy stuff in Japan you need to go to where the tourists don’t go. That’s when the good deals appear.


No doubt! If/when I revist Japan we will be exploring more of the country side instead of the main cities. This time we went to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. I had wanted to go to Akihabara all my life and when I finally did I only bought 1 game and that was a loose Rockman 3 cart in a junk bin at beep.

Even book off and hard off were fairly expensive!


Update on my Saturn. While I was perfectly happy to trade it in and get another working one, I at least needed to try some more stuff first. I did some power cycling and then disconnected it and brought it downstairs. I cleaned the laser with some alcohol and dried it with the other side of the Q-tip and let it sit for a bit.

When I took it back up and hooked it up, it worked! It sounds fine and it’s reading discs no problem again. I guess it got gonk on the lens that was just too much for it? Either way, I’m happy it’s working again and I spent that budgeted cash on something different soon to be posted… :slight_smile:


Sounds like that was the case. My SCD wouldn’t read discs 90% of the time when I got it and when it finally did it would also freeze in game. A swap with a q tip and rubbing alcohol and it’s been problem free for a good 4ish years now!


Now that I am spending some time with the Saturn, my impression is that the image quality is really good and crisp using svideo, but the colors are quite dark and with low contrast (I had to jack up the contrast to play D). I calibrated the svideo with my NGCD and that one produces a nice, colorful image, but the saturn aren’t like that. I already tested with a Composite cable, and the result is the same. Any opinions?


You really shouldn’t assume the output of one console is going to match another, especially in terms of color with composite & s-video.

I was fine with S-Video on my saturn for a while (even composite looks pretty good on saturn) but yeah color resolution is limited so it’s not going to be perfect.


Sounds like bad cables to me.


Any ETA on the Saturn Satiator ?


An update should be coming soon according to his patreon.


I’m so hyped for this, it’s crazy.


hoping this hasn’t been posted yet but I find it interesting


Anyone that upgraded their RAM cart for the Pseudo all in one, want to sell me your old action replay 4-in-1?

Just got the urge to play some X-men vs SF.


I just had that same urge! The game is still fun as hell but I’m terrible at it. Picked up a nice copy on eBay for a fair price. I need to aggregate all my Saturn pock ups soon.


Finished collecting everything I need for a 10 player SSB setup. Does anyone know how to whiten up the Saturn controllers safely? I’ve got one that needs to be heavily revitalized. If that’s not an option I may just spray paint all of the controllers.


nice bomber taps!


D.Lo has a posted a great guide on that:



Do you play Metal slug with the 4M cart? Many many years ago I was told that SNK games work better with their 1M expansion carts but I don’t know if this is false…


It’s so beautiful :sob: