Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


This one?


BTW, the chiptune scene has been collaterally beneficial to us all, I think. Thank goodness for that. heh


There’s a link to his Patreon up in the original post for this thread. Click “Boot Devices.” The dev posts updates on his progress there.




My saturn was acting up and some few games (Fighting Vipers and Shining Wisdom) were being recognized as audio CD only. I managed to fix it adjusting the pot. And since I opened my saturn, I wanted to exchange the upper case from a junk saturn, since both are almost launch units (oval buttons) but in really good cosmetic shape.

To my surprise, they aren’t compatible, since my junk saturn have a space for the power cord that my current one don’t have. The motherboard is completely different as well, but it looks like if I cut that space from the outer shell, it is possible to migrate to one from another.


You may have seen my post earlier. I had some of that too with my Saturn. Used a Q-Tip on the laser with a little alcohol and that cleared me up before even touching the pot. Something to try if it crops up again.


I did this with my segaCD that kept freezing mid game. 4+ years later and it’s still going strong. +1 for cue tips and alcohol!