Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Retrocollecting in a nutshell. :smile:

This is Retro Game Boards, though. Not Rediscovering Craft Beer. You clearly don’t belong in this place. :thinking:


Blowing all your money on videogames is a great way to resent videogames. It’s good to diversify your interests and also pine for the games you don’t have. It makes the hobby far more enjoyable in truth.


I don’t see how you can be resentful on buying video games. If you have the passion for video games then nothing can obscure it.

But back on topic here, after getting some good replies on to my question about getting a Japanese Saturn. I bought one last night with a 4-in-1 action replay cartridge so I can play my U.S. Saturn games! :grin:

I did make the plunge with buying Grandia, I did check GameFaqs and they do have a translation guide of the Saturn version. I’m already looking at other Japanese titles to see whats out there.


I meant buying videogames at the expense of exploring other things you may enjoy in life.


I’ve been pining for Hyper Duel for the longest time now. I’m honestly right at the edge of just biting the bullet and buying it. As you all probably know, the prices are ri-goddamn-diculous, but I can;t seem to get it out of my mind. I’ve got a christmas-bonus coming up though and if it all works out, some unexpected tax-returns. If these come through, I think I might just do it. It would be the most I’ve ever spent on one game, but man, it would be a killer addition the the collection.


Not to mention it seems like a pretty solid shmup too. You could do much worse. ^_-


So great to have you on the board Yakumo! Love your youtube videoes!


It’s also a good way to get the video games you want. And I have now found that I resent my other interests for getting in the way of my prime hobby of the vidya while I’ve never regretted money spent on said prime hobby. I do guess there is value in learning that lesson though. If only I actually learned it…couple of big craft beer things going on in the next few weeks…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I picked up my Japanese Sega Saturn today at the post office. As soon as I got home I hooked it up and started playing Virtua Fighter 2. I have to admit that the game still looks good through an S-Video connection, holy moly. I played a little bit of Croc before I had to get ready for work. I am very pleased with my purchase.


Awesome. What do you plan to get next? Do you have a wishlist?


The minute I got my Japanese Saturn my wishlist instantly expanded several pages (and my wallet imploded). It’s an incredibly cool system to collect for though so I’m anxious to see what you’re gonna pick up.


@Galdelico @eXistor Thanks guys! I don’t know what to get next… I bought the Japanese version of Grandia, I found a guide somewhere on GameFaqs. I read somewhere Shadows of the Tusk is a good game to get and I’ve been eyeballing Tactics Ogre as well…

I’ll have to keep digging and see what’s out there in the sea that is Sega Saturn!


I actually quite like the Saturn s-video signal it’s quite clean but sadly it’s not supported on the OSSC unless I get an adapter but can’t complain with a decent RGB cable.


I’ll have to experiment with the OSSC whenever I get one. I have been on a S-Video kick lately with all the Sega consoles, it’s one of those “Why haven’t I done this sooner?!” moments.


Really, if you just want to enjoy playing a good Saturn game, get a system with a modchip or the Pseudo Saturn solution (at least until the flashcart is readily available). No need for a personal bankrupcy just to play a game (collecting is a different ballgame though). The prices for some premium titles are out of this world by now.

That said, Saturn is one of my favourite systems. There’s so much great 2D greatness. I’m kinda jaded that we didn’t get much of the better 2D stuff in Europe back when early 3D was the biggest craze. The arcade ports alone weren’t enough to convince a 15-year old me to buy a Saturn back in the day, so we got a PS1 with Final Fantasys and stuff.

Some Saturn games have the aesthetic of a medieval Japan combined with steampunk or machinery, which as a setting really appeals to me. One of these kinda games is Sengoku Blade, which is always a real treat to play.


People don’t just buy the 4MB Action Replay these days for JPN games on Saturn? That’s still my go to option. I use Gameshark for import Dreamcast too.


you might also need to get a decent RGB cable too, and I’m starting to believe it’s worth paying a premium for them. When I was playing some Sega Saturn games you get that annoying background humming/buzz you get when the screen goes white or during quieter passages, they are reduced on better cables.

Also… RGB on OSSC using sync on luma retrogaming RGB cable…


Yo this shot looks like the beginning of anime porn. Why is she kneeling like that?


CRAPCOM! ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I didn’t know that about the buzzing sounds. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, I looked into a XRGB Framemiester before and the price drove me away. Is the OSSC a bit cheaper?