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It should work with any game that is compatible with the official backup card. The switch would need to flip to the save position instead of one of the RAM positions (where I keep it, unless I’m playing one of the SNK or Capcom arcade ports).

Actually looking at the list, it’s probably not complete because I remember saving to cart on Saturn Bomberman but that game is not listed.

My Action Replay Plus arrived today, after about three attempts I got it to load and it works great so far. Have tested backing up some saves with a U.S. title (Zwei) and a few imports (RS and DDP). Now that it’s working I’m going to leave it in the system permanently in the hopes I don’t have to re-insert it often. Now I just gotta restart Panzer Dragoon Saga from the beginning. Oh well. :sweat_smile:

I’ll have to re-copy my saves now and then since it doesn’t work for in game saves but that’s not a big deal to me at all. I don’t need the region free function since my Saturn is region modded but the memory back up function is invaluable, and now that I have a 4MB RAM option I might check out a few games that take advantage of it like Metal Slug (are there any Saturn exclusive features that make it worth owning over current ports?).


Started Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon without having opened the sealed bandana that it comes with. Bold!

The game itself doesn’t offer many surprises at first, since it appears to be a classic roguelike RPG similar to Shiren the Wanderer (Mystery Dungeon), but set in the whacky Puyo Puyo universe. Which it is.

What took me back by surprise is just how challenging it is from the get-go. The first dungeon is just two floors, then a boss, but that first boss fight is tough! Because you have no idea what items do until you take them back and appraise them, it can feel like a game of luck at this stage.

Visuals are a mixture of prerendered graphics and pixel art sprites, with magic spells effects being FMV video overlays on top of the action. I wouldn’t say it’s massively aesthetically pleasing as it’s not the best use of 90s prerendered CGI given the never-changing top-down camera angle. It’s functional. Oddly, the PlayStation director’s cut, Waku Puyo Dungeon, seems to have superior graphics. The second dungeon has moving lava where that background is a solid red colour on Saturn.

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Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work adding links the the original post, but I’ve run up against the character limit, so I guess I can’t add anymore stuff to it. :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, there’s a new section called “Corporate Websites” with over 40 links in it, another new section called “Official Game Websites” with about 80 links in it, and the “Fansites/Communities” tab has over 80 links in it now.

Unless the character limit for posts get upped, this will probably be the final update for the original post.


The guys over at the Shiro blog are hosting the resource list for me now. I’ll be updating it there going forward. Ton of new links added, btw.


yeah, never had an issue with the action replay, but i went back to an official cart ages ago (even got a magical knight rayearth stick for it!), been solid since - it’s a modded system so i didn’t need that ability from the cart anymore

i forget if the satiator does anything to handle save data? i should back it up more often, but as was said here, i’m not keen on missing with that questionable cart slot if i don’t have to