Series/titles you wish youd've picked up 10+ years back?

okay okay so this isn’t supposed to be “I"D BUY ALL AES GAMES AND PAY OFF MY HOUSE” wish-fest so much as what stuff did you get into later, or just sleep on and then saw it blow up on you?

for me, a few saturn/turbografx titles naturally got away, but looking back, both scenes saw small US runs and had many of their greats never make it over, so that was a perfect formula for some of the stupid high prices we see now - though i’m still weirded out by how much c-tier titles like three dirty dwarves now commands.

i’m really getting into Ys now and wishing i’dve grabbed some of those before, particularly book I & II. it’s got me grateful i grabbed acquire type way of the samurai/samurai western stuff on the cheap when i did.

SHMUPs almost as a whole are largely gone for my budget, horror started jumping up that way too - i was already too late for haunting ground, but illbleed, echo night and others i’d enjoyed years back, i now kick myself for not grabbing when they were dirt cheap for ages.

post your white whales, or just stuff you dug/checked out later but can’t catch for a decent price in our modern hellscape.

Saturn stuff generally. I love the platform and it’s one of my absolute favs but so many games command triple digits now. Particularly shmups and fighting games.

SHMUPs i get, i dont even know if souky or darius gaiden go for fair prices these days (doubt it). which fighters though? i recall the US capcom ones spiking, but the JP ones hopefully aren’t too bad?

i know i could keep up a bit more between ebay/pricesharting but that just bums me out most times

I regret not picking up Koei’s Warship Gunners series before 2 hit dumbo $100 zone

This offends me on a primal level.

the panel will allow b-tier, but no higher
(also b-tier is by no means a pejorative)