Sharp X68000 - anyone own an all original hardware setup? What are the best games on it?

Just curious about this machine. Been reading about it and it sounds extremely advanced for its time. Apparently, capcom based the CPS1 hardware on it, and it was capable of both 240p and 480p graphics and came with a proper multi sync monitor… in the 80s :flushed:.

It has a huge library of games and got some pretty well known ports of arcade titles like Street Fighter 2 and cotton.

Anyone have any recommendations? I would love to grab this hardware someday but may just settle for a Mister in a few months which has a core that covers it considering this is starting to enter NEO GEO levels of pricing.

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My favourite X68K games…

Square Resort: Hyper Senshasen

Geograph Seal (this led to Jumping Flash and Ghost in the Shell on PS1)
ジオグラフ シール


  • Baraduke (predates Metroid)
  • Granada
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force


  • Strider
  • Bubble Bobble
  • The New Zealand Story

Also see PASOKON: old Japanese computers (MSX, PC-98, X68000, etc)


There are quite a few good shmups on the system, but probably the most popular is ChoRenSha 68k. It’s an absolute banger.