Show me that woodgrain! What old furniture/electronics do you use in your house?

Spurred on by the recent 240p thread, and it’s slight derailment into old TVs and electronics, I thought it would be fun to see what old furniture and electronics you guys have in your homes. What did your parents or grandparents have that you remember? I’d love to see your vintage electronics and TVs.

I don’t have exact models here, but these are the items I remember:

My grandparents had a large table/console radio that was about the length of a full size bed. It housed a radio, 8 track player, and record player. Massive beast of a thing…

They also had a really nice organ, with similar large chunky colored switches on it, like the one pictured. My mom grew up playing on it, and subsequently is quite the piano player! In my house as a kid, we always had a simple electric organ of some sort. I never got interested in it myself, though.

I’ve got a Sony reel to reel setup with a Sansui receiver, with some scratches and a few missing knobs. The thing runs just about as good as it did 45 years ago when my dad got it in Okinawa.

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That reel to reel is cool. What do you have for media for it?

So I have about 30 tapes of old rock music. I’ve never actually tried to seek out anything new, I’m not sure they’ve actually made anything since the seventies.

My dad was a Marine stationed in Japan back in the early seventies. They basically had a huge tape recording and trading community on the bases, and as a result I have some real old and obscure stuff. I probably do need to transfer it over to digital, but it’s held up remarkably well especially considering it’s been in some very humid environments for the past 20 years.

I can snap a picture of the tapes later if you want.

I use a small wood grain TV for 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision. The PS3 is just resting there.

Very cool… I want to do that too. It like to have a sleek setup all on RGB connections for my main systems, then a separate small TV for anything older than NES/SMS.

Originally my grandparents Schiedmayer and Soehne upright piano from the turn of the 20th century. Made in Germany, purchased in Manchester, then moved, and eventually restrung in Melbourne, Australia.
I get it tuned every 12 months or so, and it’s got a pretty nice tone.

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Wow that’s beautiful

Thanks man.

In that photo I have the front cover off, with a mic running to a loop pedal, for some Nils Frahm-esk endeavours.

I’ve been playing a bit of chess with my kids recently. Again on an inherited set from my grandfather.