SNK announces new hardware - The Neo Geo Mini


I let my daughter play on mine!


I mean even you said yourself you were hoping for something higher quality :frowning:

Sometimes we just wanna belieeeeeeve.


USB-C would be my guess as well. Somewhat surprising for controllers, especially as the format is really young.


Why is Real Bout 2 on the marquee but not on the game list?


I own both and the Neo Geo CD pads are far better quality than those PDP ones. They actually continue working and don’t fall apart like the PDP does. I was very disappointed that the PDP ones eventually would register incorrect inputs and just become mostly unusable.


That actually gives me hope, thanks! I really wanted to try out the NGCD pad but didn’t have any real way to do it, so I thought the PDPs would be close enough. Now that I know there’s a big difference I will wait and see how these new pads stack up and hopefully I can finally check it out!


I’m fine with the game choices, but I’ll just keep buying the releases on the eshop. I don’t ever see myself playing this unit in cab mode, it just doesn’t seem practical to play on. Likely end up on a shelf unused so I’ll pass.


I heard the NGCD pads could be a bit fragile but are awesome when in good condition.


The design looks bad. Very unappealing to me.


Yeah same. too much of a novelty for me when I can just hook it up to a tv.


Good pickup


It’s too small to be an attractive tabletop option and button placement looks like it could be problematic. Will wait for reviews but otherwise I’m happy with the Neo Geo lineup on my Switch. Also, it’s a crime neither Pulstar nor Blazing Star were included on this.



It looks pretty cool. For those that don’t want to watch the video, some of the main points are:

2 controller ports
Usb-c for power
Going to have hdmi out. Probably via usb-c
Screen is 3.5" ( remember, it’s 4:3 so that’s bigger then you think)
Different games for Japan and International releases


No NEO TURF MASTERS!!?! No Windjammers?

Wow. Great lineup of titles otherwise. But seriously, how can they leave those two off?

I mean… I get the licensing issues with jammers, but turf masters?


That’s a huge omission for me as well. I guess they didnt want two golf games?


But include 28 King of Fighters.

Think the international version got the better deal. There are a couple that I wish we got that they did though.Hope it is as easy to mod/add stuff too as the Nintendo ones.Who am I kidding, I’m just hoping they put even a fraction of the effort that went into the Nintendo ones and it’s emulation isn’t hot garbage.


This guy on screen isn’t the actual guy talking. Its really weird.

If it is him, it doesn’t fit at all.


Yeah super weird. Speaking in very deep ‘international English school’ accent too lol.


Impressions are quite good:

Okay I’m in, かわいい!!!