SNK announces new hardware - The Neo Geo Mini


Cautiously optimistic. Waiting till they get out there and tested.


Read that neither the joystick or the replica pads have microswitches so feel like using an analog stick, for me that’s a massive turn off.


I just don’t understand the point of this thing…specifically the form factor. It’s like those plug and play arcade stick controllers you see at toysrus but this has imo a useless screen attached to it.


Romance ( a legendary kof player) tweeted out that he enjoyed using it and was able to pull off everything he wanted to on the stick!


I don’t doubt you can still execute the motions on a stick without microswitches, especially if you have the muscle memory and skill of those players.

But personally I don’t want to play any game designed for a dpad or arcade stick on something that feels like an analog stick, just one of those things I can’t stand the feel of.


I totally get it. I love the click of a proper stick !


I would much prefer an SNES mini style thing yes, but hey this plays to the arcade roots I guess. They should make a console and arcade version instead.


For real. Take Neo-Geo console design. Shrink it. Load games onto it. Done.


It still has HDMI out and controller ports so you guys can still use it like a SNES mini…it’ll probably be more expensive though


But is a more awkward shape for that and has a screen and presumably battery?


Yeah not gonna lie, for something like this the design of the “case” seems to matter to me more then it should. I get why they did it the way they did but I would have rathered just a mini version of the console as well.

Still the most important thing is how good the emulation is.


Oh no it matters a great deal. It’s definitely part of the appeal of these mini consoles: ease of use and access is one thing, but how the object itself looks is really important. It’s like buying a console figurine, except one that actually does something when plugged in. People who don’t care about either of those things use a raspi or play a compilation on their modern gaming system.


First impressions starting to come through, sounds like the TV out quality leaves a lot to be desired…

“The TV output is VERY bad, it’s applying some sort of graphic smoothing somewhere for whatever reason, there seems to be an option for enabling/disabling the ‘image optimization’ but neither gives you straight pixels, both are very blurry. I think ‘image optimization’ might apply an additional filter like 2xsai or somethign
TV output is 720p, there are no options otherwise”


womp womp


It would have been nice to have an original sized Neo Geo AES stick with HDMI out and the games installed inside without having to mess about with a base unit like the X or have to put up with a gimmicky mini arcade cabinet that looks pretty awkward.


I would rather see SNK license their properties to Arcade 1Up like Capcom did at this point. It’s not for everyone, but it comes across as a passion project at least.

This just feels like a money grab.




I just want a cute little box that looks like the original system and fits easily on my shelf with decent emulation and not shit output. Is it really that hard to do?

That is exactly why these things all are shit. No effort at all to make an actual product. Guess we are a bit spoiled now that Nintendo has shown what can actually be made if you care even a little bit.


I think they put effort in, the device itself, even though it’s not what I would have wanted, seems well made and professionally designed.

I think just lots and lots of people have no idea about image quality, and unfortunately that includes people that work at game companies. Like they legitimately think blurring is good for old games ‘to not see the pixels’.

See also almost every retro compilation, they almost all have issues. ONLY M2 and Nintendo have ever gotten it right consistently?


It almost feels like an inside joke at this point: if you release a professional emulated compilation, scale it poorly and add a filter for the laughs.