So how do Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U/ Switch games look on an LG CX? And is ABL a problem or not?

I’m contemplating an upgrade from 1080p to 4k, and I think the LG CX is my choice for how feature-ready it is. But I have not seen any footage reviewing the set’s upscaling of 1080 and sub-1080p HD video game content.

Even if I were to get a PS5 or XSX, Nintendo Switch will continue to be my lead platform, and I do not want to sacrifice a nice pixel-fill I get with it on my 1080p Sony Bravia LED for Switch games. I would want nearest-neighbor upscaling rather than any sort of bilinear stuff which adds softness. And rocking two big screen HDTVs (one at 1080p and another at 4K) is simply not an option in my setup for space reasons.

Have any reviewers looked at the upscaling in depth? Alternatively, were any of you fine folk able to see differences?

Additionally, I imagine that colors will be far more accurate on an OLED screen, unless ABL is activated at times - which I am sure may actually occur when playing a lot of Nintendo’s bright cartoony games. Does this ever actually happen? It would really bum me out if a brightly saturated image caused the screen to randomly dim at times.

Even though I really want a nice OLED screen, when I play games on my launch Nintendo Switch’s screen, it reminds me that a well calibrated LED screen can produce marvelously accurate colors. Everything pops well and feel very balanced. It actually reminds me a bit of my old Panasonic Plasma (may she rest in peace). Anyway, Switch’s LED screen actually makes me feel like I shouldn’t rule out a QLED quite yet - they’re still a nice budget-friendly alternative that can do well in especially bright rooms.

Any thoughts on this? Are my concerns overblown? This will be my first OLED or 4k screen and I want to make sure there are no surprises that mainstream sites neglected to cover in their reviews.

For what it is worth I have been retro gaming on one for years and love it overall. The new BFI feature should make motion even better on the CX. Motion has been my only real gripe with OLED so far.

Can’t really comment on OLED, but scaling on 4k is nice.

My first 4K screen is just a cheap LG LCD set, and it’s been wonderful for scaling. I think because of the high pixel count, you don’t really notice scaling issues or softness near as much as if you were scaling to 1080p.

In something like retroarch, when you enable integer scaling, you’re still filling most of the screen because of the super high pixel count.

Man, I’m TV shopping, too. Remodeling our main room in the coming months and I’ll have a chance to get my TV on the wall, which means a jump up from my current 46-in Panasonic plasma. As you said @Peltz, that set still looks STELLAR (it’s a 2008 model) but the time has come to boost up my screen size. It’s either a 65 inch OLED or go slightly bigger for a 70 inch QLED.


That should be a nice upgrade. Enjoy!

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Didn’t hook up my Xbox or PS3 to my 65“ C9 but I can tell you that most Switch games, even those 720p or 900p ones, look great on it. I had a 1080p Plasma before but the colors pop on Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey - they look amazing. And honestly, when it comes to 1440p or sometimes even 1080p on the PS4 Pro - I can barely tell a difference between that and native 4k. Yes, side by side native 4k looks sharper (especially vs 1080p), but I never booted a game and thought to myself „man, I wish the game would run at 4k“.

Motion on the C9 doesn’t bother me personally. I would rather have that then the blurry mess of most other LCD panels but that’s personal preference imo. Every panel has its ups and downs and I simply can’t enjoy VA or IPS panels as I do OLEDs or Plasma panels.

Only problem I could maybe see is if you are playing in a bright room. But I always watch TV/play games in a rather dark room and the OLEDs standard settings were way too bright for me in that case (I have OLED light set to 30 or 40 for SDR content). First time I played an HDR game I thought I was going blind.


Nearly pulled the trigger on an LG CX, too, so it’s helpful to see these responses. Coming from a Panasonic plasma and OLED seems like the first thing that really stands to be an upgrade.

My big concern has been OSSC compatibility. Want to make sure 480p line 2x / 960p will work for sweet Dreamcast goodness.

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