What tv are you using for modern gaming.

I’m in the market to finally upgrade my TV. I really want to go with a good hdr set. What is everyone else using and how do you like it.

Hard to go wrong with the LG OLEDs if they are in your price range. Only downside is that every year they are better and better with even more advancements in the next few years.

Gotta go with an LG OLED. It’s what I’m going to get.

The super low input lag even with HDR plus unmatched PQ makes it an easy decision.

I’d love to go with an oled. But I watch a lot of news and I’m terrified of burn in.

Burn in really isn’t much of a concern. Even when it happens, you can’t really see it much under most viewing circumstances.

I’d definitely check out RTINGS.com if I were you if you want some LED recommendations too though. They have a very thorough gaming/input lag coverage.

Hard to find something better for the price

I’ve been very happy with my LGB6 Oled for a few years now. Motion handling leaves a bit to be desired but otherwise it’s an excellent TV. Looking forward to upgrading in the next few years to a set with BFI.

Surprised to hear motion handling isn’t great. I would think motion handling would be at or hear CRT level for an oled

Yeah, it has to do with refresh rate and sample-and-hold motion. Newer models have black frame insertion to help with motion.

These are the ones I’m currently deciding between.

None since I don’t use TVs for gaming, just my PC monitors.

I use an LG UJ6300 in the 49" variety. It’s not rated very well in comparison to more expensive models, but it’s got the best ratings for input lag you can get. With less than a single frame of lag, It feels no different than my CRT for gaming as far as input lag is concerned. This TV is FAST.

It’s just a cheap 4K model, but it’s a VA panel, so the picture is actually quite nice in person in comparison to some of the other brands in the same price range. The Samsung equivalent uses a TN style panel, and it looks absolutely grey and washed out in comparison.

Would recommend it very highly if you’re looking for something on the cheap end of TVs. It’s no OLED, but it looks nice, has a nice bright picture, supports HDR, and kicks ass for gaming.

I see the LG b8 oled tv is 999 on eBay. I’m super close to pulling the trigger.

We have this one https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x930e

The top one in your list (900F) is about the equivalent of our one… An equivalent OLED would have cost about double what we paid and like some others here we didn’t want to have to worry about image retention, and want to wait for some improvements to OLED before we take the leap.

The X930E is seriously bright so great for HDR. When we compared in store too it was easily the closest to an OLED of all the LED TVs. The black levels are pretty close and it get a lot brighter than most OLEDs. The 900F also has the same processor chip, so good scaling, Dolby Vision, etc. The main gripe (which doesn’t affect us) especially compared to OLED is the viewing angle.

If you can, go and see them in store though.

Many of these modern TVs don’t have component in, which sucks. I understand the reasoning, it’s just a bummer.

It’s because TV manufacturers hate fun.

But they have composite lol.

They hate good looking fun.

I have a Sony KDL model. 60 inches. LED 1080p. My guess is that it’s about 3 or so years old. Right after plasma died out and right before OLED prices became reasonable.

It was a bad time to have a Panasonic plasma die out on me :-/

I’m actually pretty happy with the image for the most part though. I won’t likely upgrade for a while. I’ll grab a 4K screen only when Nintendo games start getting made for 4K. Then I’ll catch up on all the other 4K goodness I’ve been missing out on.

I’m sorta done keeping up with the hardware rat race. And don’t mind being behind on display tech these days. It’s a big turnaround from the early 2000s when I got into AV stuff and saved up for an HDTV as a teen. I was an extremely early adopter.

I ended up getting the tcl r617

Luckily I didn’t run into any banding issues. Haven’t really had the time to properly calibrate it and try out HDR. Only having 3 HDMI ports is a pain in the butt. Gotta get a switch that can pass through 4k 60.