Worth picking up a 1080p OLED for the OSSC?

There’s an LG EG9100 oled up for sale for $500 in my area. Anyone have experience with this and an OSSC? I have a b7 65” oled in the living room but was considering this one for my game room to pair with my 2030 and Gscart. It’s 1080p,never used a 1080p with the ossc so not sure how it scales compared to 4K. Input lag is 29ms.

There’s a 20l5 in my area as well for 900 but I think this might be a better buy.

I don’t know if its compatible but I’ve head LGs are generally more agreeable to the ossc. Also, if it has a dual HDMI/DVI port on the back of the TV it will for sure. I have a few 1080p tvs and all of the tvs that have the DVI, Hdmi port work perfectly with it.

On video game perfection’s website they is a list of compatible tvs

Sounds kind of expensive for a 2nd hand consumer 1080p flatscreen

They are selling one in my area for $900. Good luck with that one buddy.

Yeah $500 seems like a pretty good price for an OLED,even for 1080p. I may try and get it lower,still undecided though.

29ms is the deal breaker for me that’s why I went with the ks8000. Fantastic picture and 19ms input delay but if you’re fine with 29ms that sounds like a fantastic price for an OLED

I had the KS8000 before the B7 and hated it with the OSSC,the local dimming drove me nuts.

I would be so afraid of 4:3 on my oled. I could imagine a line would appear after a while.

The newer models automatically run a panel refresh whenever you turn it off but maybe on the older models.

The retention can still be annoying even with the automated panel refresh. Also, it only does the more thorough refresh after 4 total hours of viewing I believe. I typically have to wait until that before it clears up, or run the 1 hour manual cycle, or both.

But I’m super sensitive to those borders and how the image shifts across the line when viewing widescreen or full screen content. Others may not really notice or it doesn’t bother them.

So what about Game Huds? If you played a fighting game would the bars still be there? That scares the shit out of me for this type of thing. I want an oled but it seems I am still going to stick with VA panels until that is all sorted.

I don’t really notice those details honestly. What I notice are the hard line shifts left behind by black bars, be they on the top and bottom or the sides. I also probably run my set hotter than most with brighter settings which I’m sure doesn’t help. But like I said if it bothers we and isn’t going away I run a manual cycle to clear it up.