SOLD: Keene Sync Commander SCART Blaster

I don’t need my Keene Scart Switch anymore. This thing is great and is built like a tank. 4 scart inputs and can be daisy chained together with another unit. Comes with all original packaging, the IR receiver and the remote. Comes from a smoke free home.

I’m trying to get out what I put into it, not trying to make a bunch of money. I’d like to get $150 plus shipping. A quick google search showed that these go for around $230 on ebay these days.

Ebay Listing

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this finds a good home!

Is this still available?

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Am I the only one who read the title as Commander Keen?


Yes it is. Shoot me a PM.

I definitely read that as well…

Looks like a great, robust SCART switch though, best of luck with the sale!

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Yep, it came highly recommended from

Yeah it was one of the best of the commercially available ones before stock of it dried up and couldn’t find it anywhere. Know I wanted it before settling on a cheapo one to wait for gscartsw. And I’m still waiting.

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Will do.

epic fail on the direct message on my part.

my email is

hit me up and we’ll arrange payment etc

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