Sony skipping e3 this year. What does it mean?

Never thought I’d see the day. Jason seems firmly convinced that PS5 is dropping in 2020. If so, it’s still an interesting decision.

Skip E3, pull a Nintendo and announce PS5 via a no-risk youtube video late 2019 / early 2020, release mid-2020.

“Well we saw what happened with Blizzcon and decided to just not waste your time.”

Same thing they did with PSX, and good on them for it. Even if I don’t have an Xbone they have been doing better conferences recently anyway.

Here we go again.

E3 becoming sadly irrelevant thanks to the internet.

Nintendo Directs mean there are now 4+ Nintendo ‘E3s’ every year already for them at least.

There’s no need for one particular big show in one particular place anymore.

I believe they had a quote that said they didn’t have anything to show. Maybe Days Gone and such are going to be delayed.

Safe to say no PS5 announcement?

Didn’t they do some weird ass artsy event last year that wasn’t even at the same building as the convention?

Wow. I think they really learned the obvious (yet often not executed upon) strategy of front-loading a hardware generation with tons of great software. They are loading up. Phil Spencer also knows what’s up which is why MS is building back its 1P stable. Sony has the guns to counter whatever MS is gonna do in 2019 or 2020 if they want to line it up that way - which it seems they are.

E3 has been toned down in relevance lately, but it is still an event that gets people excited. If Sony simply times announcements around the conference date or does something more ‘direct’ like Nintendo, forgoing the cringy conference, I think we would all be better off.

It worked for the Switch. High end 1st party launch software is the best way to build an install base.

The thing is, Sony and Microsoft could also get away with first party droughts at the tail end of this generation because they have such great third party support.