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That is amazing, ordered!

Hope you’ll enjoy it! :smiley:

Nice video! I played the freeware rom of this before. It’s neat but still feels a bit too much like a Miracle World mod than fully its own game to me.

And what’s with all the “flagged by the community” hidden posts in this thread?

No idea. I assume someone thinks I’m a spammer lol

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It was an automated thing happening with our forum software. Sorry about that. I unflagged the posts.

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Oh no worries, that’s completely fine! :smiley:

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Definitely not a spammer. Thanks @Peltz

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My newest video is out, the Sega vs. Nintendo Console Wars in Portugal.

this was the country where the Saturn was a success and the Dreamcast outsold the Xbox and Gamecube!



This is fascinating stuff. I didn’t realize just how late Portugal got those 8-bit consoles compared to not just North America but other European countries.

I have noticed on ebay that it’s common for Portuguese sellers to have Tectoy SMS games. Were these often imported from Brazil?

As far as I know those are from Brazilians who moved to Portugal.

Tectoy and Ecofilmes did communicate a lot and did deal with each other, but whenever something was launched here, the Tectoy branding was removed.

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My newest video is out! The Mega Man series developed in China and that you most likely never played and never heard of! :smiley:



Great video, I didn’t know these existed

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even I only discovered them fairly recently :stuck_out_tongue:

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In today’s video, I take a look at the Brazilian Megaman, a series with violence, cussing, incest and so much more!

The Brazilian Megaman

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Sounds interesting. Going to watch this tonight.

In today’s video, I bring you, the insane Ms-Dos port of Golden Axe, a game that lets you play as a dragon, riding a dragon that shoots dragons!: D



Isn’t that how baby dragons are made :yum:. Dragons riding dragons resulting in shooting dragons.


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Today I take a look at the INSANE history of the NES in Brazil.

A system that started out as a bootleg, then became legal and then started selling pirate games on the side WHILE being the OFFICIAL Nintendo of Brazil.

The NES in Brazil Gradiente Phantom System


Ah, I remember that. The best looking NES of all. The Famicom just looks naff. The NES looks like an uninspired box but this looks sleek and cool.